Chronic Fatique Syndrome Resources Also known as Ebstein-Barr Virus or CFS

Chronic Fatique Syndrome: Pain Relief, Better Sleep, More Energy,
Better Quality of Life

Chronic Fatique Syndrome, or CFS, can be a devastating health challenge, causing almost constant fatique and
low energy.

One of the main reasons that CFS and FMS wear down a person so mercilessly is that both interfere with natural
restful sleep. Throughout this page you will find find helpful tips for managing chronic fatique syndrome.

Find Pain Relief, Better Sleep, More Energy

Chronic Fatigue, also known as CFS is quite similar to another condition called Fibromyalgia. In fact, most
holistic health and wellness counselors, rarely see one without the other. You may also want to read the
page on Fibromyalgia, too. So many people who have struggled with Fibromyalgia
can attest that one of the symptoms of fibro is definitely chronic fatique.

Getting treated for either condition is sometimes a challenge, as no definitive tests exists for absolute
diagnosis. Many times, those with Chronic Fatique or fibro have to endure not only the scepticism of their
family and friends but sometimes, even the doubt expressed by their own doctor. Although it is now known
that these are real conditions presenting real suffering for those who endure them, some doctors still prescribe
nerve pills or sleeping pills with no other investigation into the symptoms, as if the condition were all
in one’s head.

And since there are no outward debilitating signs of disease or illness, even friends and family may question
just how serious the condition is for the person who is dealing with it. In fact, CFS and FMS are not even
defined as disease or illness by the medical profession but as syndromes. Diagnosing either one cannot be
done as simply as taking a blood test because symptoms, or sets of symptoms must be tracked until a pattern
emerges. It is the specific set of symptoms appearing together, over time, that provide a pattern that can
be identified as Chronic Fatique or Fibromyalgia.

Research is revealing that people who have FMS also exhibit certain defects in the neuroregulartory system,
including an abnormal production of neutortransmitters. The imbalance of neutrotransmitter production effects
sleep, pain, and immune function.

One of the main reasons that CFS and FMS wear down a person so mercilessly is that both interfere with natural
restful sleep. There are many effective natural sleep remedies and you may also want to read recommendations
of good sleep tips since good sleep is vital in controlling both CFS and Fibro.

One of the main difficulties many experience with fibro and chronic fatique is a “raw nerve body” sensation.
Some describe it as having an entire leg, or some other part of my body seeming like nothing but a raw exposed
nerve where everything that touches it make it hurt. Even clothing can hurt, or sheets across that area in
bed. It can be truly a maddening feeling and we have great empathy for those dealing with such an intolerable
level of sensitivity.

What has been discovered, on a physical level, about this acute sensitivity, is that it is due to higher than
normal levels of something simply called “Substance P” in the spinal fluid. Substance P basically
lets the body know what level of pain it should be feeling at any given time. For someone with fibro or CFS,
the level of pain which is reported to their neurological system, due to the high Substance P levels, is
abnormally high.

With both Chronic Fatique Syndrome and fibro, the myofascia is a factor as well. Myofascia is a sort of connective
tissue that holds all your body together. It is around all muscle tissues and provides proper function when
it is not tight or thick. However, with CFS and FMS, this thin film becomes thicker than it should be, and
more tight. Then the myofascia cannot send and receive neurotransmitter messages as it would in a healthy
state. Communication becomes distorted, confused, and untrustworthy.

The effect on myofascia and neurotransmitter function is becoming more commonly known but what is less well
known is the effect CFS and FMS can have on digestion. Our body naturally considered digestion to be it’s
top priority. Normally, proper digestion of foods will rule out over whatever else might be needed because
the body knows we must receive nourishment for energy to stay alive. However, when this confusion sets in
within the system, there begins to be a problem with malabsorption and also, in particular, regarding the
enzyme amylase.

Amylase is a digestive enzyme that takes care of carbohydrates and starches we consume, so that the body can
use them for fuel and for energy. Those who have chronic fatique and FMS tend to have low amylase levels
and many have lipase deficiency as well. Lipase is the enzyme needed to digest fats. There is a sort of enzyme
chain reaction that is happening by this point in the syndrome because improper lipase deficiency eventually
will lead to fatty acid and hormonal imbalances, which leads to deficiency in the third major enzyme our
body needs to stay healthy: protease. So here, you end up with a system deficient in all three major enzymes
that our system uses to repair tissues, cleanse the blood and keep organs functioning properly, not to mention
properly digest our foods so that we can retrieve proper nutrients from the food we eat.

Is it any wonder that, over time, the person with Chronic Fatique or Fibro finds themselves getting weaker
and weaker and weaker? Add to this the very important fact that stress and illness both devour far more enzymes
than what is required to maintain a healthy state and you will see that your body is desperate for enzymes
if you have FMS or CFS. Also, most people don’t realize that enzymes are first used for digestion. What this
means is that every time you eat foods that don’t contain enzymes (This would be anything cooked!) your body
is forced to take enzymes it could be using to repair your system and using them to digest the cooked food.)
Therefore, it makes sense to eat more raw foods (which have at least enough enzymes in them to digest the
food itself) and also to supplement with enzymes whenever eating food that is cooked or whenever ill.

Because of the enzyme connection, we believe that supplementation with potent, pure plant source enzymes should
be an important consideration whenever one is looking at holistic options for managing FMS or CFS. Supplemental
Plant Enzymes, at therapeutic grade dosages, has been successfully utilized to help Chronic Fatique sufferers
regain strength, stamina and energy and, if taken long enough for the body to work with them, to restore
former states of health. It is important to remember that your body did not get in it’s weakened state overnight
and true, permanent healing may take time. Be prepared, when dealing with Chronic Fatique Syndrome in particular,
to dedicate six months or more to regular use. Give you body the tools it needs and is so desperately lacking.
Enzymes will nourish your cells, help your body cleanse toxic build up, support your digestive system, fortify
your pancrease, and give your body ammunition to fight fatique and pain and to restore your natural state
of health.

The following enzyme formulations are from Enzyme Essentials, and are among the most potent that can be found
anywhere, short of going to an enzyme specialist for a prescription dosage. They have proven highly beneficial
in cases of both CFS and FMS.

Although the following suggestions are the result of clinical experience and have provided relief to CFS and
FMS sufferers, the information is in no way intended to present any type of claim. If you are under a doctor’s
care for fibromyalgia or chronic fatique, please do the wise thing. Consult with the person to whom you have
entrusted your health and well-being, before adding this or any new supplement to your health regimen. It
is our hope that you’ve chosen a healthcare professional who understand the synergistic benefit that can
be found in complementary and holistic health supplementation and one who will be open to the idea of natural
approaches to strengthening the system. Also, so that you may explore and consider enzymes as part of your
wellness regimen share this information with your health care professional and should you decide to incorporate
enzyme therapy into your diet and nutritional supplementation.

Suggestions for CFS

  • OxiCellZyme: 2 capsules with every meal.
  • DigestZyme: 1-2 with every meal.
  • PureZyme: 4 capsules, 2 times a day on an empty stomach. You
    will need three bottles for a month’s regimen but will not need PureZyme at this dosage longterm.
  • Plantadophilus: 3 capsules at bedtime.

Additional Support, (as needed):

  • CalmZyme: If you have trouble sleeping. 3-4 capsules before bed.
  • ReleaseZyme: If you have trouble with constipation. 1-2 capsules
    at bedtime

Enzyme therapy is a way of supporting your body and bringing it back into natural balance. Once the body regains
strength and proper function, very often the debilitating effects of CFS and FMS are greatly diminished as
well. Stress reduction is also considered very important in management of these conditions and, in addition
to whatever supplementation or medication you decide upon, take steps to reduce stress in your life as well.
Take long walks, listen to relaxing music, pray, play, and get body work like massage or reflexology as often
as you can.

This Information is provided by Enzyme
Essentials, Where you can learn about their EClub.

What is Depression and Why We Experience It

Depression is often a by-product of CFS so we are including this information on the mechanics of this condition.
Serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine are the three major neurotransmitters found in the brain. They all
must be correctly balanced providing constructive tension to nourish a positive, and optimistic mood that
supports a stable self-image.

When the neurotransmitters lack balance with one another this leads to mood changes. That is why when Serotonin
levels drop we are inclined to notice depression quickly settles in. This is why it is so important to keep
our Serotonin levels balanced so we can be happy and contented.

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