Create Your Own Low Cost Merry Christmas Cards

Creating Personalized Low Cost
Christmas Cards

Handmade, low cost Christmas cards are probably the most affordable means of telling your near and dear ones that
you really care about them.

These cards cost relatively less than commercially available Christmas cards because you make them yourself.

The only investment required is a Christmas rubber stamp, which may include the image of a Christmas tree, sleds,
Santa, elves, holly leaves, and the likes. When you buy rubber stamps you can find quite an assortment of images
related to the holiday season. Handmade paper Christmas cards can convey the real essence of Christmas celebrations,
assist in stayinig within available budgets, and forgo the commercial Christmas hype.

The number of people opting for handmade Christmas cards has increased in recent years with craft classes that teach
card making, and online card making ideas. People want to give something of themselves, rather than always sending
the same type of commercially available Christmas cards, year after year. If you belong to the same category and
want to do something creative, then try having some fun by making your own handmade Christmas cards. Most commercially
available Christmas cards normally end up in the waste paper basket and are not all that memorable. In comparison,
handmade cards are unique and fun to recieve. They often become keepsakes for your near and dear ones to always remember

Making your own merry Christmas card is really quite easy and you can become an expert in just a few trials. First
you need to gather all the required material, such as a Christmas rubber stamp, double-folded white greeting card,
colored inkpad, colored embossing powder, colored markers, crystal glitter glue, and Christmas stickers. The quantity
of materials that you purchase depends on the number of cards you’re planning to make. The main item, i.e. the rubber
stamp can be utilized many times over, which means that you do not have to invest in buying different rubber stamps
unless you want to. It is also possible that you already have items at home that you can incorporate, and may not
need to purchase anything other than a rubber stamp or two.

Once you have collected all your materials start by stamping the front section of the double fold white greeting
card. Instead of stamping directly on the greeting card, you can also stamp the image on a separate white card and
then stick this card to the front section with the help of paper glue. Depending on the image on the rubber stamp,
you can fill in different colors using markers or colored embossing powder. You can then include personal messages
or catchy greetings to personalize your handmade Christmas card. After adding the stickers and a few finishing touches,
your handmade card will be ready to put in the mail or tuck into your holiday package.

Christmas is a joyous occasion and the best time to get in touch with your family and friends. With low cost Christmas
cards, you can easily uncork the festive spirits in the hearts of those near and dear.

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