ChiWalking & ChiRunning: Safe and Effective Fitness Programs

With more than thirty years running experience, coach and ultramarathoner Danny Dreyer has studied T’ai Chi with master George Xu, and incorporates the principles of this complementary healing practice into his running programs. By tapping into inner power and strength, Danny believes anyone can achieve their health and wellness goals.

Katherine Dyer is health and fitness author with an interest in Eastern philosophies and traditional healing approaches. Together, Katherine and Danny founded ChiLiving, Inc., an organization promoting the ChiRunning and ChiWalking techniques taught by Danny to his clients.

Danny and Katherine Dyer share their fitness and philosophy tips in ChiWalking: A Fitness Walking Program for Lifelong Health and Energy (Sounds True) and ChiRunning: A Training Program for Effortless, Injury-free Running (Sounds True), audio programs designed for walkers and runners—beginners and experienced—who want to maximize the health benefits of these exercise routines.

Focus and Fitness

Man RunningT’ai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice that improves physical and mental well-being using purposeful breathing and flowing postures. While improving flexibility and physical strength, T’ai Chi also uses meditation to enhance one’s awareness and coordination.

Running is a powerful cardio workout that strengthens the entire body, burns fat, helps with weight loss, helps prevent osteoporosis, and more. It’s also a form of exercise that requires mental focus and concentration, making it more than just a physical workout.

Walking is a form of exercise that can be done anywhere by anyone. It helps regulate blood pressure, cholesterol, and body weight, as well as strengthen the heart and other muscles. Like running, walking is an effective activity to improve mental clarity and spiritual health.

ChiWalking Program

In ChiWalking: A Fitness Walking Program for Lifelong Health and Energy, listeners hear about the endless benefits of walking, including how anyone can do it and how it is an extremely effective form of exercise.

The ChiWalking program includes:

  • 5 mindful steps for walking using T’ai Chi principles;
  • strategies on using chi to improve one’s focus, body awareness, flexibility, and focused breathing;
  • specific guides to help walkers relax, maximize their fat-burning potential, and increase the cardio workout; and
  • tips on developing personalized walking programs suitable for every individual and skill level.

ChiWalking Audio ProgramThe goal of ChiWalking is to get people to experience walking as a fulfilling physical, mental, and spiritual activity. It’s a routine that gets people in shape, helps clear their minds, and gives them a strong sense of well-being.

This audio program, available as a 3 CD set or audio download, is suitable for new or established daily walkers, as well as those wanting to achieve long distances.


ChiRunning Program

Want to have fun running? Ready to increase energy and relaxation at the same time? ChiRunning: A Training Program for Effortless, Injury-free Running incorporates elements of T’ai Chi into a program designed for runners who are just beginning or who have years of experience.

ChiRunning Audio ProgramChiRunning includes:

  • training programs;
  • tips on effective posture and breathing to make each run as comfortable as possible;
  • mindfulness and relaxation strategies to increase mental clarity and spiritual strength;
  • tips on how to use chi energy during recovery periods;
  • T’ai Chi stretches to decrease injuries; and
  • an audio guide to listen to during a run.

Available as a 3 CD set or audio download, ChiRunning is a powerful program that will inspire runners (and non-runners) to experience the healthy benefits of running on one’s body and soul.


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