The Collective Messiah Children of 1996 – Wise Leaders in Tiny Bodies

The Collective Messiah Children of 1996 Came with an Absolute
Sense of Purpose

The babies of 1996 (Circle One children): The children who chose to come to earth in 1996 (and early 1997) are part
of a “collective Messiah,” such as is written about in the Keys of Enoch.

These children came with a specific
mission – to assist us in opening our heart chakras and in opening the spiritual heart chakra, among other things.

These valiant and wise little leaders were so anxious to be here, so their work on our behalf could begin, that
many of them chose to come early and some before their physical bodies could support them properly. Those born with
defects or damage in the upper centers are among the clearest and most benevolent aspects of Godforce.

Some of them chose to absorb the imbalance of their parents, so the parents could continue their work. Others came
with damage, to provide the environment where compassion and love were more likely to come forth. As families care
for these babies, they are being brought together where no way would have been possible otherwise.

Some of these “miracle children” have experienced illnesses and diseases that border on bizarre. The strangeness
of their physical problems will draw attention to the fact that they are different, which will pave the way for the
medical community to take notice. This is quite important. Questions asked early on, by intuitively open mothers,
will provide the foundation for later documentation of the special gifts these children possess. These babies have
an absolute sense of purpose. They will be four years old in four years, to meet the turn of the century. They can,
by virtue of their high spiritual vibration, assist us in making the shifts that are required over the next few years.

By the age of four, this “collective Messiah” will be directing energies in an incredibly powerful way.
They need our assistance, and our attention, from age one to four. Listen to the children of 1996, pray for them,
and extend to them great respect. The souls who took physical form in 1996 are probably the single-most important
influx of souls since the Earth experiment began. Without them, the opening of the higher centers would be much,
much harder.

Note that any child with a due date after January 1, 1996, born prematurely in 1995, should be considered a “Phase
I” baby. 1996 babies continued to enter through the first quarter of 1997 via what I am calling “second-path” births.
If you miscarried or had an abortion in 1996, only to find yourself immediately pregnant again, yours is a ’96 baby,
even though it may have been born in 1997. Also, if a close relative or friend had a miscarriage or abortion in 1996,
and you became pregnant unexpectedly immediately afterwards, the child of your relative or friend may have decided
to come back through you. These are ’96 babies, as well.

In addition to the many who entered prematurely and/or with problems in the upper centers, there are a small percentage
who came in “uncommonly healthy.” These children are coming in support of the damaged, physically weaker
children. They will seek out the physically weaker ones, even as early as kindergarten. If your robust, three-year-old
would rather sit quietly with the child who has heart problems than to romp on the playground, pay attention – there
is important “medicine” going on between them.

Increased nausea during Phase I pregnancies (as well as “second-path” pregnancies) was the result of the
high-level awareness of the incoming soul. These children vibrate at an incredibly high frequency, which affected
the lower density of abdominal flesh within which their physical bodies developed. Since the energies of acceleration
will be increasingly more intense as we near the year 2000, the same advice that was given for Phase I mothers applies
to anyone who becomes pregnant in the next few years.

For optimal birth, mothers-to-be must work to integrate the energies, let the children breathe deeply (by breathing
deeply themselves) and avoid anti-nausea medication if at all possible. No one wants to be miserable, and I am not
suggesting that anyone suffer constant nausea, or ignore the advice of their chosen medical physician – I am saying
that daily deep breathing, gentle stretching, and meditation (while focusing on the energies of the child) may allow
the new awareness to be assimilated and ease the nausea without the need for medication.

These children can assist the mothers in balancing the physical symptoms caused by their presence within the womb,
if given the attention and time to do so. Speak often to them, within, and listen. Unusual physical problems within
the body of the mother are nothing to be alarmed about unless the need for increased rest, sensitivity to the being
coming in, and/or attention to deep, rhythmic breathing are ignored.

Every woman who gave birth in 1996 has been accelerated by the process, and can share new knowledge with others.
It is advisable for Phase I mothers to seek out other such mothers; you can be a support system for each other, provide
understanding that may not be received from those who do not realize the difference between this pregnancy and any

You can learn from each other. However, as you make connection with other Phase I mothers, don’t expect your children
to immediately want to be near each other. At first, they may need time to adjust to being with another from their
soul group.

These children are working to assist their parents and family circle with needed energy shifts, this having been
their primary focus since birth, and may initially find it distracting to be with another of their soul group. As
these children get older, it will be easier to connect with other members of their soul group without losing the
focus of their particular life situation. Please, please write about your child. Journal their earliest awarenesses,
and spend quiet time with them daily. Encourage them to talk about life as they see it, from the very beginning of
their capacity to speak. Approach them in a humble way, to learn from them, and share their wisdom with your Relatives
on the path.

Special Note to ’96 Moms: It is part of my spiritual task to work with the children of 1996, to help them integrate
the energies of being in form and to help facilitate healing of upper level damage. If I can be of service to you
in this way, do not hesitate to let me know. Also, I facilitate “Collective Messiah” gatherings, to meet
with 1996 mothers and share information about these remarkable souls. If you would like me to travel to your area,
please let me know.

Excerpted from Moon Lodge Visions: A Sacred Journey