Dr. Leia on Side Effects and Safety of Childhood Vaccinations

Question for Dr. Leia: I was just curious about your views on childhood vaccinations. Being an ND, I am wondering if your belief differs from that of an allopathic doctor.

Dr. Leia’s Answer: While all Naturopathic doctors hold varying and diverse opinions concerning vaccinations, most allopathic doctors consider them mandatory. For all of my patients, I present them with the pros and cons relating to vaccinations, and then let them make their own decision. I do believe, though, that giving vaccines at too young an age can be harmful, and especially if the vaccines have been doubled from a missed schedule, and giving them too close together could adversely affect the child’s immune system and overall health in a detrimental way. And I do not believe that vaccines should contain the controversial substance Thimerosal. When in doubt, leave it out. Also, most Naturopathic Doctors can offer the parents an alternative choice to vaccinations using homeopathic remedies and nosodes.

Autism and VaccinationsYou may want to read a recent published article written by Dr. Boyd Haley > The Thimerosal Controversy, the link between vaccinations and autism.

Question for Dr. Leia: I am going back and forth about getting my daughter vaccinated. She is almost 4 months old and she has not had any vaccines yet. I really want to do what is best for my child, but I am concerned about the side effects from vaccines. Can you please give me the Holistic point of view of childhood vaccines? Should I vaccinate her or not? Thank you!

Dr. Leia’s Answer: Your question about whether to give your child vaccinations or not is a major decision which all patients must eventually face. As a Naturopathic doctor, I usually leave this decision up to the parent, after giving them information about the pros and cons of childhood vaccinations. Because it is important to be informed about the topic, I will give you a few links for your perusal to learn as much about the subject as possible. Although the conventional viewpoint of the general medical profession is to give regular vaccinations, this viewpoint does not adequately represent alternative holistically inclined parents.

Here are a couple resources to give you more information on vaccinations for children and their effects:

Childhood Vaccinations: Making an Informed Decision for Yourself and Your Child

Vaccinations – What You Don’t Know Could Hurt Your Children

The first link gives wonderful background information and history, vaccination theory, risks of contracting infectious disease, risks and side-effects of vaccinations, legal rights, and a good bibliography for you to further pursue more in-depth information about this crucial subject.

Remember, in the end, it is ultimately up to you, as the parent, to make this crucial decision. I hope this information helps you to do just that.

Vaccinations – Eleven Myths About Immunization

Read a documented report by Alan Phillips who writes on eleven vaccination myths in his introduction to the contradictions between medical science and immunization policy.

These are the eleven vaccination myths which are argued in his report on inoculations. All points are effectively disputed providing evidence and research:

  • “Vaccines are completely safe…”
  • “Vaccines are completely effective.
  • “Vaccines are the reason for low disease rates in the U.S. today…”
  • “Vaccination is based on sound immunologic theory and practice…”
  • “Childhood diseases are extremely dangerous…”
  • “Polio was one of the clearly great vaccination success stories…”
  • “My child had no short-term reaction to any vaccine, so there is nothing to worry about…”
  • “Vaccines are the only disease prevention option available…”
  • “Vaccinations are legally mandated, and thus unavoidable…”
  • “Vaccines are the only disease prevention option available…”
  • “Public health officials always place health above all other concerns…”

You will be much better educated on this topic after reading the attorney, Alan Phillips’ thorough report on this topic. Alan Phillips has followed the direction of vaccinations and their effects for many years and is a free-lance technical writer wanting to share his research on vaccination risks and alternatives.