What are the health benefits of chia seeds?

Chia seeds have been around for thousands of years and their use for nutritional purposes dates as far back as ancient populations such as the Aztecs. Nowadays, chia seeds are becoming popular for their outstanding nutritional and health benefits. The seeds are used as a dietary supplement and are suitable for many types of people: for those who are overweight, diabetic, athletic, pregnant, or simply health enthusiasts. The benefits of chia seeds are numerous. Popular as a weight-loss tool and appetite suppressant, chia seeds are also valuable in boosting metabolism, increasing energy and detoxifying the body. But what exactly do these tiny seeds have to offer?

Nutritional facts & benefits of chia seeds

Spoonful of Chia SeedsChia seeds are rich in protein, full of antioxidants, low in carbohydrates, and offer generous amounts of omega 3 and finer. The antioxidants contained in chia seeds help combat free radicals (which lead to ageing). Antioxidants also help combat heart disease, strokes, cancer and other conditions. The omega 3s contained in chia seeds (about 2,500 mg per serving) boost the body’s immune system, brain function, and assists with controlling heart health. The fiber in the chia seeds aids with digestion and detoxification.

Chia seeds are also rich in vitamins and electrolytes. They offer more calcium per serving than milk, which helps with the health of bones and teeth. The folic acid in chia seeds leads to the production of new DNA, as needed during pregnancy. This may help deter the development of birth defects. Additionally, the magnesium found in the seeds supports heart health by helping to maintain healthy blood pressure. Proper amounts of iron — as present in chia seeds — help to fend off iron deficiency anaemia and give the body more energy. Furthermore, the potassium in the chia seed nutrition assists with nerve function, muscle control, and blood pressure.

Finally, chia seeds help take care of heart health by lowering cholesterol. By using chia seeds regularly in your diet, blood sugar levels can be regulated, the digestion system can be helped to operate regularly, and the body’s hydration levels can be maintained.

Adding chia seeds to your diet is easy

Chia seeds can be easily added to the diet simply by sprinkling them on food. Because there is no strong flavor to the seeds, they can be freely added to muffins, salads, smoothies, roasted vegetables and more. The seeds can also be ground, allowing them to be added to homemade granola bars, oatmeal, cookies, soups and stir-fries.

Where can you find 100% natural chia seeds?

Purisalv is a company offering 100% natural chia seeds for clients to incorporate into their everyday diets. Purisalv uses salvia hispanica seeds. There are no known chia seed side effects, save for anyone with an allergy to the salvia plant. The crops from which Purisalv seeds are harvested in an environmentally friendly way, and are certified as non-GMO, gluten free, and vegan. The seeds are scrutinized before leaving the facility. The FDA approved Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) assure the seeds are only of high quality and fresh. Purisalv chia seeds are also free from additives and fillers—just 100% chia seeds. You can find chia seed recipes on the Purisalv website too to inspire your new diet.