Changing How Men View Spas With Cryotherapy

According to Grand View Research, the global medical spa industry is estimated to grow by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18% between 2018 and 2026. This research assumes that the demographics of the patients remain predominantly feminine. Spas are typically seen as the domain of women. The word itself evokes a certain femininity. Yet, many men report being willing to visit spas if they had male-specific treatments. According to a news article in EIN News, when luxury spa group Champneys surveyed men on their opinions on spas, they found that 25% of men want to see more male-centric treatments in spas. They also found that 36% of men believe there is a certain stigma attached to visiting a spa. Regardless of whether men feel there is a stigma attached to visiting a spa, 29% of men believe that the treatments on offer are not suited for them, while 21% of men said that they would only visit a spa if a female friend or partner accompanied them. Industry experts believe that there is a huge missed market opportunity that desperately needs to be exploited. If the industry could tap into the market of men willing to visit spas, the industry’s already incredible growth rate would be even bigger. Enter cryotherapy.

Medical spa Aesthetics Ayrshire in Ayr, Scotland, found a way to reach out to all those men who have been willing to invest in their health and well-being but have never seen spas as credible places to do that. They broke the barriers separating them from these men by installing a cryotherapy chamber in the beginning of 2020. According to the spa’s founder, Ann Burnett, patients stand in the chamber for as much as three minutes, in temperatures of minus 266 degrees Fahrenheit. These extreme low temperatures trigger the body’s anti-inflammatory response, releasing endorphins along the way. Burnett uses the chamber two to three times a week and says that it has really improved her quality of sleep. The procedure is calming and treats aches and pains. Many athletes, such as Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo, use cryotherapy chambers to recover from training or match days. The procedure has been found to be very good for a person’s mental and physical well-being. In Poland, it is prescribed for the treatment of arthritis.

The spa has found that cryotherapy has resulted in many men flocking to the spa. It has more male clients among its customers than most clinics. These men have found that her spa is a unisex place, rather than the feminine place that they imagined. This makes them more willing to learn about the other products that she has to offer.

Medical spas can do more to attract men. The most important first step they can take is to think about the kinds of products that men want. Some products, such as whole body cryotherapy, cater to both men and women of all ages. Installing cryotherapy chambers would allow medical spas to target multiple markets at the same time, with just one product. These holistic therapies have many benefits, from helping athletes or gym rats to recover to helping patients manage their arthritis, among many other benefits. Cryotherapy can be the initial draw that allows men to reassess how they view medical spas. For a long time, the medical spa franchise opportunity has been narrowly defined as catering to the needs of women. The experience of medical spas such as Aesthetic Ayr shows that men are ready to walk into medical spas in their numbers if they are provided with products that cater to their needs.