Causes Of a Low Libido And How To Fix It

There are very few conditions that men can be suffering from that is as emasculating as low libido. Social perceptions aside, men are very sexual creatures — that is just the way their DNA has shaped them. This, of course, goes back to the fact that male animals have an instinctive drive to procreate as a way of spreading their seed and creating offspring. Even though we do not think of it like that anymore because of the norms in place because of contemporary thought and feeling, it doesn’t make it any less accurate.

It is understandable then why men can become so discouraged when they have low libido. This not only affects their sex life but their moods, appetites, and overall energy levels. So what are the causes of low libido? How can it be remedied? Let us answer all of these questions now. 


  • Low Testosterone

The first cause for low libido is simply dwindling levels of testosterone in the blood. This is the hormone that gives men their secondary sex characteristics and their libido. This hormone decreases over time as a man ages. If you think about it, it is just the result of nature because a male mammal would no longer need to procreate and create offspring when they become old, so the hormones that support this would naturally go down. If a man takes external and unnatural forms of testosterone, however, in the form of steroids and hormone injections — then their natural testosterone levels can drop early.

  • Poor Diet

It is not just testosterone levels that determine whether a man has low libido or not but also the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in his body. Vitamin B and D, for example, are essential for a man to have a more robust sex drive, so not eating enough food that contains these could only be detrimental to a man’s libido. 

  • Constant Stress and Poor Sleeping Patterns

Beyond just the chemical aspects of low libido, there is also the issue of not getting aroused because the mind is too distracted. You cannot expect to enjoy sex or even get initiated into it if your mind is full of stressful thoughts like work deadlines, traffic, taxes, family problems, and other things. You can only truly enjoy sex and have a high libido if you allow your mind to be clear of any stressors. 

You also will have a difficult time getting aroused if you have poor sleeping patterns. Your body needs time to rest and recuperate and have a hard time getting stimulated if proper rest is not taken.


So now that you know some of the leading causes of low libido, how can you counteract their effects? As you can tell, a lot of the reasons have to do with living an unhealthy lifestyle. If you are still young, it is pretty fair to assume that you can increase your libido by simply taking the proper steps and exercising regularly, allowing yourself not to get so stressed, having a well-balanced diet.

However, if your low libido is caused by age, then the best way for you to get some of it back is by trying supplements like Ashwagandha, vitamins B and D, Omega-3 fatty acids, and herbal supplements like Red Ginseng. 

Be very careful about resorting to hardcore pills like Viagra and Cialis because these can take a severe toll on your body. No matter what route you take, always consult your doctor so that you can boost your libido naturally but in a safe and controlled manner.