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Nature’s Healthy Sweetener: Yacon Syrup

Many of us are becoming conscious about sugars and sweeteners in our diet and their effect on our body. With so many people suffering from diabetes and other health maladies, many wonder if something that is sweet can still be good for us, low calorie, and organic? We’re happy to …

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The Yogurt Diet by Ana Luque


Do you want to lose weight? Improve your health? Prevent aging or ward off the all-too-common lifestyle diseases sweeping the Western world? The author of The Yogurt Diet, Ana Luque, feels yogurt could be your answer and may just be the best kept secret to good health. Eating Yogurt to …

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Zola Acai Juices and Super Fruit Smoothies Review

Zola Acai Juice Bottle of Original

Zola Acai Juices and Smoothies are gaining popularity and for a good reason. Acai products are all the rage. Touted as a health product with weight loss properties, acai supplements are made from a small purple berry grown in Brazil. This berry sports a slightly chocolate aftertaste which leaves consumers …

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Gnosis Chocolate Approach to Cacao Adds a Lot of Love

Cacao Beans and Fruit in Burlap Bag

Gnosis Chocolate is revolutionizing the cocoa industry with raw organic ingredients and lots of love. Despite chocolate’s reputation as a junk-food, natural cacao actually serves as a nourishing superfood to the human body. Raw cacao contains a great deal of magnesium, a mineral severely lacking in most human diets, yet …

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