Taking Care of Your Cat and Dog Teeth and Gum Health

Your pet’s dental care and health plays a large part in their ability to maintain an overall state of well-being.

Diseases that begin in the mouth often transfer to other parts of the body through the blood stream.

Proper cat and dog oral care serve an essential role in keeping your pet healthy and comfortable from the time they are puppies and kittens through their adult lives.

Periodontal Disease in Pets

kitten and puppy togetherTypically we refer to a cat or dog gum and tooth disease as Periodontal disease.

In the initial stages of this condition, bacteria forms within a dog or cat’s mouth. At first the bacteria coats the teeth in an easily removable film called plaque. However, over time the plaque hardens due to the calcium and minerals in your cat or dog’s saliva. In its hardened state, the plaque becomes known as tarter or calculus.

The calculus adheres strongly to the teeth, and requires a veterinarian’s tools and technique to remove it. Additionally, the bacteria moves up and under your pet’s gums causing an inflammatory condition known as gingivitis.

Gingivitis often leads to infection of the tissues around the teeth. Even worse, the bacteria enters the bloodstream through your dog or cat’s inflamed gums. Once in the blood, the bacteria circulates through the body, potentially infecting other organs. Often times the teeth begin to decay quite rapidly. They become loose, and frequently break off entirely from their roots within the gums.

Signs That Your Pet Has an Unhealthy Mouth

To prevent your dog or cat from experiencing problematic tooth and gum conditions learn to recognize signs of disorder. Bad breath, or halitosis, is a key symptom of an animal’s mouth problem. Also pay attention to the coloring of your pet’s teeth. Bacterial infection leads to yellowing or browning of the teeth. The gums may look red and swollen, and may even bleed. Loose or broken teeth also imply unhealthy conditions within the mouth.

Lastly, attune yourself to your cat or dog’s behavior. Periodontal disease often causes a great deal of pain. If you notice your cat or dog avoiding his food or toys, he may be letting you know that his mouth hurts, indicating a problem with his teeth or gums.

Make Routine Cat and Dog Dental Care a Priority

Puppy Dental CareFor the best defense against oral complications, get into the habit of cleaning your cat or dog’s teeth a few times each week. Even just a couple of minutes a day can make a very significant difference in your pet’s mouth health. Be sure to use a toothpaste formulated especially for cats or dogs.

As you brush your their teeth, take note of any irregularities or problems. Remember that healthy teeth look white and shiny. Ideally, gums appear pink, and the breath smells relatively fresh. If anything seems abnormal, contact your veterinarian. And even with regular brushing at home, schedule routine check-ups with your veterinarian.

For the best results, begin your pet’s dental care early in his life. Even before you puppy or kitten develops adult teeth, teach him to accept your hands in and around his mouth. As he begins teething, provide him with healthy chew toys to enhance his oral health while reducing the build up of plaque.

Pay attention to your pet’s diet to further keep threatening bacteria at bay. High quality pet foods full of nutrients are the best defense against infection. Dry dog and cat foods also help to reduce plaque by scraping build-up off of the teeth as your pet eats his meals. Likewise, dog owners can find many toys and bones designed specifically to reduce the accumulation of plaque.

Natural Supplements Provide Dental Support

Luckily, natural oral supplements offer support to your cat or dog’s mouth.

Look for products containing spirulina, which comes from the sea. This ocean-based micro-organism contains vitamins essential for the teeth, like Vitamin A. Silica, a tissue salt already present in the body, helps to cleanse and purify the mouth, reducing the spread of bacteria. Additionally, the herb Horseflower contains silica, and provides excellent nourishment for the teeth and gums.

For painful teeth and gum conditions, look for pet products containing chamomile, a very soothing herb for your dog or cat’s mouth.

Pet periodontal disease can cause not only a great deal of pain, but also further health problems in dogs and cats. Luckily, simple oral care routines can effectively prevent many cases of pet dental problems. Talk to your trusted veterinarian for more ways in which you can improve your pet’s dental health.

Besides having natural remedies for pet oral care, Bach Flower Remedies for animals can also help your little four legged family members with other stresses as they arise.

Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats Oral, Gum, and Teeth Health

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Gumz-n-Teeth – Natural pet dental care remedy for healthy teeth and gums and overall oral health in dogs and cats. This product is 100% safe proprietary blend of natural and herbal ingredients and has a positive effect of systemic functioning as a whole.

OralHealth Mouth Spray – Natural oral breath spray to keep your cat and dogs breath fresh and this natural pet product all helps to support healthy gums and strong teeth.

Kitten & Puppy Teething Relief

Kitten Teething ProblemsWhen you kitten or puppy reaches 4 months of age they will begin to lose their first set of teeth.

When this happens they can become quite uncomfortable with teething pain and sore gums. A kitten or puppy will resort to indiscriminate chewing, and often fussiness during this normal teething process. You can introduce good dental habits right from the start by brushing their teeth each day. Then when your kitten or puppy begins teething a natural product that helps them through this stage can also help to encourage the growth of strong and healthy new teeth and bones while providing relief from teething symptoms. It may also save you the loss of many items in your home that could succumb to a puppy or cats desires to chew.

PupTeeth Granules – Natural remedy to soothe your feline kitten or canine puppy during the normal teething process and is a safe, non-addictive, FDA registered natural remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients formulated to relieve your cat or dogs teething symptoms.