Pet’s Skin Problems and Conditions – Allergies, Fleas, Dermatitis Helped with Natural Pet Remedies

As a pet owner, it is important to remember that dogs are vulnerable to a variety of skin problems.

When your dog develops an uncomfortable skin condition, it is essential to treat your dog quickly and safely.

Many of us don’t realize how vulnerable our pets are to some of nature’s elements.

Dog Skin Irritations and Allergies

Most of the time a dog’s skin problems arise in the form of inflammation, which is called dermatitis. Quite often, canine allergies are the cause of the dermatitis. Like people, dogs can find themselves with allergic reactions to a number of different things.

happy cat and dogDust, pollens, smoke, pollution, mold, and foods make up just a few of your dog’s potential allergens. Most frequently, dogs have atopic allergies, meaning they inhale the toxins in through their respiratory system. However, instead of developing runny noses and coughs, dogs experience itchy, irritated skin.

Fleas are also a leading cause of dog allergies.

Fleas are tiny egg-laying parasites that feed on the blood of animals. These pests are especially fond of hairy cats and dogs where they can burrow deep into the coat, and sink their teeth into the skin. While the bites themselves tend to cause a small amount of pain, most of your pet’s skin problems are due to their allergies to the flea’s saliva.

Picture of Cracked Dog PawDogs can also develop cracked foot pads. Often times, allergies are also to blame for your dog’s foot discomfort. Floor cleaners, carpets, or outdoor plants may affect the condition of your dog’s paws. Additionally, your dog may walk through sharp rocks, ice, or glass and end up with cuts on his feet. Either way, your dog’s cracked paws create a great deal of pain for him. Natural pet skin remedies alleviate your pet’s irritation, and promote healing.

Pet Remedies for Skin Problems

In an attempt to end the itching and uncomfortable sensations of these skin reactions, most dogs will bite and scratch at their skin. Unfortunately this activity only further aggravates the condition, and often puts your dog at greater risk for developing a bacterial infection. While many companies manufacture chemical-based solutions, their products are often toxic to your dog and your home. Therefore, it is important to look for holistic skin soothers to heal your dog.

Picture of Dog Skin DermatitisLuckily, for pets everywhere, natural solutions offer relief from their skin problems. Some of the alternative skin remedies are topical, meaning they are applied directly to the infected dog. Other treatments are oral, and added to your pet’s food.

Many products contain effective herbs for fighting skin complications. Some of the most skin soothing herbs include calendula, chamomile, and witch hazel. These herbs provide an excellent anti-itch remedy for your pet.

In addition to herbs, Omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil help to reduce inflammation, and improve the overall quality of the skin. And to rid your dog of pests, look for natural flea remedies containing neem oil.

Take Steps to Prevent Future Irritations

Prevention is also key to fighting skin irritations.

Skin-toning supplements help to condition the skin, making it more resistant to dermatitis.

Natural Dog RemedyYour dog’s immune system also needs to remain strong so that it can effectively handle any toxins that enter the body. Adding B vitamins or zinc to your dog’s diet may give his immunity a much needed boost. Combine natural skin-saving remedies, along with a high quality diet, exercise, and regular grooming to keep your dog free from irritating skin conditions.

Best Natural Choice – Herbal Pet Remedies for Cat and Dog Skin Problems

Did you know that the saliva from fleas contains around 15 different allergens which can really make life uncomfortable for your dog or cat. When fleas bite treatment with a blend of natural ingredients is one of the best holistic choices. You will find FleaDerm helps to soothe the skin around the bite and provides comfort for your pet. Of course you will want to also address the source of the fleas.

  • FleaDerm – Flea Bite Dermatitis

It is wise to have a natural pet first aid antiseptic on hand at all times, one that addresses the cleaning of wounds, cuts, bites and bee stings to keep your cats and dogs in good health at all times. You will appreciate Clenzor because the natural ingredients in this remedy have both cleansing and soothing properties and prepare the area for a natural topical ointment.

  • Clenzor – Treat various skin rashes and wounds

Remember to check your pet’s paws on a regular basis, and if you find an irritation first cleanse the area with Clenzor. Next apply a protective coating on the paw with PawPaw. This natural cat and dog remedy conditions, soothes and nourishes your the paws and pads. Again, this product is 100% natural and the ingredients are blended with an olive oil base which also effectively conditions your pets paws.

  • PawPaw – Healing pets’ paw pads

Ring-Ex is formulated with natural ingredients in an olive oil base designed to keep levels of dermal fungus in the normal range to maintain your pet’s skin health. This natural pet remedy is based on natural herbal and aromatherapy ingredients specifically selected to promote healthy skin. Applied topically, Ring-Ex will also help to maintain a healthy coat.

  • Ring-Ex – Dog and cat ringworm treatment

Skin & Coat Tonic was formulated for your pet to support healthy skin and glossy, shinny coats. This natural cat and dog remedy is taken orally. It contains a combination of specially selected herbs, along with beneficial nutrients and biochemic tissue salts which are known for their tonic and supportive function.

  • PetAlive Skin and Coat Tonic – Healthy Skin and Glossy Coat