Free Online Readings with Creativity and Whole Being Card Decks

Spirit Creations Card Sets – Enjoy a Free Mini Card Reading

You will find six cards from each of the Creativity and Whole Being Card Decks to give you an opportunity to experience
the magic of each of the decks.

Have fun, and choose an image below, and it will take you to a page where you can receive a mini-reading. It’s easy
to choose a card by focusing on the card images see which one you are most drawn to.

You can ask a question, or just choose one for a general message. Click on the card image itself, to reveal the
spiritual message. Enjoy!

There are 45 cards in the Creativity Deck and 50 in the Whole Being Deck, so the message you need may not be represented
by these six samples.

If you don’t feel drawn to one, you might want to wait till another day or ask another question.

Note: The card images you see here have been optimized and the actual cards are much more vivid and detailed.

balance divination cards reading psychics cards reading divination card message

psychics cards readings divination cards readings card6

The Creativity Cards (samples show above) were designed to inspire spontaneous thinking, limitless thinking and
creative living. They will be of particular benefit to creative artists, singers, public speakers, teachers, writers,
dancers, sculptors, and painters.

In fact, the message book for this deck contains specific ways of using the cards for those in dance, theatre, or
film acting and most of the cards have “acting” tips at the bottom of the message page. This deck is also
very useful for those involved in rediscovering and healing the inner child. I highly recommend them for this purpose.
They make a great gift for anyone you know who is active in the arts.

card7 card8 card9

card11 card12 card10

The Whole Being Cards (samples shown above) are based on natural wisdoms of the Sacred Elements (Fire, Water, Wind,
Snow, etc.), the directions of the Sacred Medicine Wheel, the wisdom of the Plant Kingdom and the Chakra System of
the human body.

These cards are good for grounding, and for your daily spiritual walk. Many who use this set say that they use it
daily and that the messages are always accurate. These cards are ideal for anyone on a spiritual path, especially
those aligned with nature’s wisdom.

Important Differences: Each card is individually cut and cornered so there is slight variation in size. Each book
is individually punched and spiral-bound. Due to the high expense of self-publishing, the size of the vivid full-color
cards is much smaller than a standard deck, though larger than what you see here. (approx. 1 1/2″ x 2 1/4″).
Also note that these are not fancy packages but original works, handmade and serviceable, attractive but not like
store-bought sets.

The Creativity Deck contains 45 cards, a carry bag and a message booklet.

The Whole Being Card Sets contain 50 cards, a carry bag and a message booklet.

The sets are $30.00 each plus $4.30 for postage if US delivery.


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