Gregg Braden, The Divine Matrix Book Review

Read a Book Review of “The Divine Matrix,” by Gregg Braden

“The Divine Matrix” is an educated antidote to scientific doubt about the world of spirituality.
The author, Gregg Braden uses an impressive track record in our world of modern technology to underpin his
credentials. In the book he utilizes sound research to convince us of the existence of a web of energy that
connects everything in our lives. What’s more he teaches that we can plug into the divine web to influence
the world around us.

As a qualified engineer and scientifically-minded individual myself, I came to spirituality late in life.
My scientific skepticism prevented me from believing in things I could neither see, touch nor measure. This
will always be a stumbling block for those of us who are conventionally educated. Braden now finds that quantum
physics is revealing evidence that an over-riding force exists, at least in hypothesis.

The book is written in three parts. In Part I, “Discovering the Divine Matrix: The Mystery That Connects
All Things” Braden provides us with insight into recent scientific findings that throw up questions
for jaundiced unbelievers. Quantum physics is a bit like brain surgery to the layman; a no-entry zone. However
Braden provides us with a superb explanation of its findings without losing our interest.

Part II, “The Bridge Between Imagination and Reality: How the Divine Matrix Works” deals with our
ability to connect with and influence the matrix. We can, according to Braden, take an active role rather
than sit around being the victim of its effect on our lives. Time and space cease to become barriers, even
the past is accessible through the matrix.

The culmination of the book is “Messages from the Divine Matrix: Living, Loving, and Healing in Quantum
Awareness”. Here Braden provides guidance on how to listen to the matrix and how the matrix takes our
actions and throws them back at us through the relationships that we generate with others. He concludes with
his 20 point plan; “20 Keys to conscious creation” which, for some, may be overcomplicate. However,
rereading these will show that one person’s set of rules can form a useful foundation for your own life.
In the same way that the 10 Commandments seem to be self-obvious on first reading they can be interpreted
in many ways depending on your state of being at the time.

Gregg Braden has spent the best part of 20 years trawling through ancient texts, analyzing records and re-interpreting
religious themes. His quest has been to discover a solution to the global crisis that we find ourselves living
in. Although this may sound like, “Hey man, let’s find peace” his previous books “The Spontaneous
Healing of Belief”, “Awakening to Zero Points”, “The Science of Compassion”, “The
Isaiah Effect” and “The God Code” have all been stepping stones towards “The Divine Matrix”.
Braden is attempting to make a serious difference.

For me, the delight of “The Divine Matrix” is that it is easy to read. The personal anecdotes give
me a real insight into how Braden thinks and how he draws his conclusions about the Divine Matrix. His brilliant
analogies using a computer operating system resonated with me. He tells us that the operating system is,
basically, always there and never changes but the commands we give produce the results that we get. And so
it is with the matrix. Many scientists and high thinkers may discount Braden’s work as being purely hypothetical;
making tenuous links between scientific research and spiritual thinking. However I believe that Braden is
only voicing questions that we would all ask if we understood the quantum physics. It is more worrying that
scientists don’t ask these questions themselves.

Book Reviewed By Mike Kay

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