Can you stop smoking with the help of NLP? Check out Sue Lawrence

Smokers worldwide have managed to stop – as in to quit smoking completely, by means of a reliable and powerful technique developed by Sue Lawrence (CCHt). Just who is she and why is her program so effective? The press release below, obtained from Sue directly, explains a bit more about this:


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and the owner of Get Joyful Hypnotherapy and NLP Life Coaching, Susan Lawrence (CCHt), has launched a new Easy-To-Be-Smoke-Free pro-gram on Her consistent success rates in helping people to quit smoking will for the first time become accessible beyond borders as people can access it from anywhere in the world.

“This program is different and effective because the changes are made by releasing the underlying causes of the smoker’s habit. Once the underlying cause is removed, then the smoking habit dissipates effortlessly. That is why this program is so powerful and also why it works. It makes changes from within the person’s subconscious mind. Anyone who has been looking for an easy but effective and permanent way to quit, will benefit from this program,” explains Susan. People who heard a lot about hypnotherapy to help quit smoking will probably find that the methodology used by Susan is safe and pleasant to use – as it is more orientated towards NLP.


Thousands already quit smoking successfully with this unique method:

Lawrence has helped thousands of people, including smokers, to get over their harmful habits and self-sabotaging beliefs in the past 10 years. Through guided meditations and focused concentration, she helps her clients uproot the emotional issues and limiting beliefs that trigger the need for a cigarette.
Many of her former smoking clients had tried other techniques such as gums, patches, and pills without success. These techniques don’t work because they don’t address the underlying cause of the smoking habit. That is why smokers reach for a cigarette the moment they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. Others had tried to quit cold turkey and found the withdrawal symptoms to be too uncomfortable and ended up smoking again.
In order to make her services available to smokers all over the world, Susan created a new online program called It contains a 15-minute video explaining how the mind works and how easy it is to change unwanted behaviors into positive ones, because once you reframe limiting beliefs or the underlying causes of your smoking habit, then the smoking habit disappears permanently. This is followed by 3 guided meditations, each one releasing unwanted and unnecessary emotions and cut-ting the cords to the attachment to cigarettes. Included are 6 exclusive high-value bo-nuses such as 6 hours of sleep time affirmations to reinforce smoke-free behaviors, plus 5 amazing Transformational Mind Techniques as additional bonuses. These 5 techniques will improve anyone’s daily life by simply releasing negative thoughts and feelings and turning them into positive change.

A global “quit smoking movement”:

Smokers all over the world, who have been struggling to quit smoking, can access her services online in the privacy of their homes. No more waiting for an appointment. Easy-To-Be-Smoke-Free is available for immediate download once payment is pro-cessed through the website’s secure payment gateway. The regular price is $1,212, but during the launch period it is going for $364. That is a 70% discount!

When asked why her program is better than other quit-smoking techniques, here is what Susan said:
“I designed this program for people who are sick and tired of their smoking habit, have been trying to quit without success, and are looking to do something different in order to quit smoking. I have helped many smokers with similar problems to successfully quit smoking during my 10 years as a hypnotherapist.”

In a state of deep relaxation, the mind can overcome limiting beliefs which continue to cause the same behaviors over and over. Once the belief is changed or reframed, then the behaviors change as well. Hypnotherapy is one way Americans have known for a while – but NLP-based methodologies like this, just seems to be getting such good results.

Next steps:
Through this Quit Now Online program, smokers release underlying causes that act as triggers. Once the trigger is gone, the need for cigarettes also goes away permanently.

For further information on smoking cessation, please visit Quit Now Online.

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