Can you lose weight quickly and safely?

With weight loss, there is often a concern that rapid programs may not be the safest, or that the safest techniques take too long. Does this sound familiar? Well, many people are trying to lose weight by adopting the much-advertised diets that either don’t work or work temporarily.

What they need is a method that is effective, safe and has long-term results. The one surefire way to lose weight quickly and safely and keep it gone is to aim for health and have weight loss as a by-product.

Weight loss is product of good health. Health is a product of choices that include eating a healthy diet, exercising in order to improve fitness and avoiding things that promote weight gain and poor health. This weight loss method is known for producing fast results and may be well worth considering. Now let’s take a closer look at key issues and what research tells us:


The major cause of weight gain is taking in too many calories and failing to burn them, resulting in them being stored in the body as fat. To lose weight, take just enough calories for energy and no more.

Avoid foods high-calorie foods

The first thing is to avoid all the foods that contain too many calories and hardly any nutrients. These include sugar in any food including sodas, ice cream, cake, and store-bought juices, processed foods that contain sugar or high-fructose corn syrup, pasta, baked goods containing refined flour, and potatoes.

Avoid alcohol because it affects weight in a number of ways. It contains empty calories, but has little or no nutrients. It is utilized for energy before any other body fuel is burned, so the unused calories are stored as fat. It also affects judgement and a person can end up eating too much food as has been confirmed by scientists.

Eat a healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet includes eating food in which fruits, vegetables and legumes dominate. For energy a person can include complex carbohydrates such as whole grains and sweet potatoes but in small amounts in order to reduce calories. If varied properly, these foods will provide a wide range of nutrients that enhance health while providing just enough calories for energy.

From this diet alone weight loss will happen fast and, if the diet is continued as a lifestyle, the weight stays gone. In addition, these foods are light and easy to digest, so very little energy is used for digestion, and the person feels quite energetic and won’t eat unhealthy snacks for energy.


With lots of fiber and energy, it is rare for people to need snacks but when they need them, they can rely on nuts, whole fruits, boiled eggs and carrot sticks.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise has many benefits such as improved circulation and a strong heart, lots of energy and best of all, fitness and weight loss.


Aerobic exercise, such as cycling, walking, jogging, hiking and swimming is particularly good for exercising the heart and burning calories. If the person controls how much calories he is taking, he ends up burning more calories than he is taking in and the result is weight loss. Particularly, aerobic exercise is very effective for losing belly fat that tends to accumulate around organs and cause health problems.

Weight lifting

If a person combines aerobic exercise with weight lifting, he prevents muscle loss that normally accompanies weight loss diets, and even gains muscle mass.

Improve mental and emotional health

Some people need psychotherapy or stress management in order to lose weight because uncontrollably eat ice cream and other foods rich in fats, salts and sugar for comfort. That is an unhealthy relationship with food that has its origins in stress or emotional and mental problems. Such people tend to become obese and can only overcome the problem if they get psychotherapy or help from a stress management expert.

Take supplements

While practicing the above methods of weight loss, people may want to add the following supplements to enhance weight loss.


Scientists have found that probiotics containing Lactobacillus provide huge benefits such as helping people to lose weight while also improving gut and digestive health.

Diet pills

Good quality diet pills, preferably prescribed by a doctor, help to burn more fat, curb appetite and cravings, reduce absorption of fats, promote metabolism, and improve the mood.


Glucomannan is a fiber that absorbs water and stays in the gut longer, making people feel full for quite some time and reducing hunger. Several studies have confirmed its success as a weight loss supplement.

Fat burners

Good quality fat burners help burn unwanted fat and achieve weight goals.

Multi-faceted approach

To lose weight fast and safe, one needs to fight fat from all angles including exercise, healthy diet, emotional healing, stress management and taking the right supplements.