Can Manuka honey be the cure for MRSA?


t is said that Manuka honey could be the one natural cure to beat MRSA and that has been a suggestion dating back as far as 2009. What makes it difficult to ascertain is the fact that most people taking Manuka honey for MRSA, by the time they start doing so, would have already abandoned conventional antibiotics and commenced with an all round supplement solution including Zinc tablets but also would have started to cut down on sugar and other foods that makes them an ideal host for MRSA. There is off course also the metal copper which according to research completely destroy the cell of the MRSA virus when in contact for longer than 4 hours at a minimum temperature of 25 degrees celcius.


Healing Properties of Honey with Unique Manuka Factor

There is yet to be physicians and patients to boldly step forward and confirm that, we suspect the pharmaceutical Giants may not like this a lot: It’s bad for business as Manuka honey is distributed from New Zealand not as a pharmaceutical product but as a food export to countries around the world.


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