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Health and Body: Attain Your Weight and Fitness Goals

Holistic Weight Loss Options for Attaining Your Ideal Body Image

There are many questions that arise when considering the facts about obesity. For one, when does excess weight actually become obesity, and what does the term morbid obesity really mean? Why is it that permanent weight loss is so challenging, and what constitutes healthy weight loss?

The answer may surprise you. In the years I’ve been working as a wellness counselor, I’ve found that most people
approach a fast weight loss plan aggressively, with a lot of the focus on the losing weight formula or program and not so much
on preparing the body beforehand, for a difficult experience.

Getting the right weight loss formula for your needs
is important but it’s what you do before you diet that can make the difference between temporary weight loss and
permanent weight loss.

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Tips for Weight Control

One approach for increasing the amount of calories you burn is to eat five or six small meals during the day rather than consuming three large
meals. After you eat your metabolism increases, and this effect is known as the thermal effect. Therefore, by eating more often during the day your body energy expenditure increases. Also, with eating smaller meals the body has less hunger cravings and you are less apt to overeat. When you starve your body, this actually backfires and causes loss of lean muscle mass and it actually stimulates weight gain.

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Detoxing – The Surprising Weight Loss Stimulator

We consider detoxing to be a basic, vital health
regimen. I detox all the systems of my body regularly and feel that without regular detox, in today’s polluted world,
the body can hardly be expected to perform at top levels of wellness. Over the years, however, I noticed a different
reason to detox. I found that detoxing facilitated weight loss. I’m certainly not referring to overuse of laxatives
or any such dangerous practice but simply saying that a cleansed and detoxed body will maximize nutrition, release
wastes and help you maintain a good weight.

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Hoodia Diet Tabs

It is pretty amazing that a cactus has the ability to help you lose weight but it is true. Hoodia has been formulated into a safe and natural weight loss product that acts as a stimulant and appetite suppressant. It is also caffeine free and contains no ephedra. There are many different formulations containing Hoodia, so make sure you only buy the highest quality Hoodia diet supplement.

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The Dieter’s Combo – Weightloss Hypnosis, and Practical Goals

You can optimize your dieting motivation using hypnosis tapes and
dieting support CD’s. They help you adjust to dieting and help to make permanent diet changes that are
practical. You can get support to create optimal eating plans that help you gain control of emotional and binge

With practical eating control and optimal balance between realistic expectations
and goals combined with support for long term maintenance you can achieve success.

Weightloss hypnosis can add ignite many positive habits and behaviors. You can increase positive
motivation, build your self esteem, and increase self-discipline. It can aid by reducing feelings of hunger and the nagging thoughts
and yearnings that keep you off balance. And most important, they can help you accept and incorporate new and better habit changes.

Find out your chances at dieting success by honestly answering the questions below:

  1. Do you usually cave in to the “pressure” of eating like everyone else?
  2. Does it feel nearly impossible to say “no” to second helpings or dessert?
  3. As a child, did you get dessert as a “reward” for eating a “good” dinner?
  4. Were you allowed to eat pretty much anything you wanted as a child?
  5. Do you consider the mental and physical implications of eating processed foods AS YOU’RE DOING IT or do you
    block that out?
  6. Have you been a late night snacker for years?
  7. Do you get depressed about your eating habits and your weight?

If you answered “Yes” to many of these and don’t change how you think about food, altering your diet may
be the hardest thing you ever do.

That would be unfortunate, because it’s one of the most important things you’ll ever do.

Medical research has shown conclusively that an improper diet (processed foods, sweets, and low water content foods,
as well as the habit of overeating) has been linked to causing or worsening conditions such as:

  • Overweight and Obesity
  • Fatigue and Low Energy
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cancer Chronic Headaches
  • Frequent Infections
  • Colitis, Diverticulitis and Other Intestinal Illnesses
  • Stomach Problems, including Ulcers
  • Vitamin Deficiencies

Isn’t it amazing? Our long time mental patterns control us so completely, that even habits like overeating processed
junk, which thousands of published studies show can literally kill you, are difficult and even impossible to break
on our own. But no longer!

  • If your tongue controls what you eat…
  • If food gives you emotional comfort…
  • If your old eating habits feel impossible to conquer, then…

For Excellent Health Now! is probably the one program in existence that you can absolutely count on to
help you change your diet for the rest of your life.

Quality Weight Loss Resources

The primary
goal of a good diet will actually raise the body’s metabolism, (the biological process that burns fat). Once
elevated, your metabolism will burn fat while you sit, play, sleep, even while you eat!

Some experts claim you can
Shed 10
Years in 10 Weeks with The Ultimate Aging Reversal Program, such as Julian Whitaker, MD., founder of the renowned
Whitaker Wellness Institute in Newport Beach, California and the editor of Health and Healing.

Nutrition Supplements to Help You Lose Weight

LypoZyme and BalanceZyme Plus: Natural Health Products
For Weight Control LypoZyme aids in the proper digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins and contains the highest
amount of Lipase (the enzyme responsible for proper digestion of fats and balancing of fatty acids) of any product.
The high amount of lipase in LypoZyme provides the body with a feeling of satiety which further controls appetite,
lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and serves in the balancing of fatty acids in the system. BalanceZyme
Plus contains a synergistic formulation of just the right amounts of enzymes along with herbs known for natural appetite
suppression, cleansing and weight control properties.

Fast Start Weight Loss Options

Fat Absorber with Chitosan and Fat Burner Formula

We find that some people turn to thermogenic fat burning formulas and fat absorbers like Chitosan as a quick fix
weight loss solution. When used in this way, we believe that any initial success will be temporary. If you choose
to use fat burners or fat absorbers as part of your weight loss maintenance program be certain that you also make
any lifestyle and dietary changes that you need to make as well.

For example, Chitosan can be an effective fat blocker but if you use it as a way that you can eat even more fat
than you may have previously eaten, your body will rebel after a time. We realize that fast results are very encouraging
and are including these products for that reason, but please note that for healthy and permanent weight loss, you
need to focus on healthy eating, stress reduction, moderate exercise, and keeping the immune system strong, as well
as regular cleansing and detoxification of the colon, kidneys, blood, liver and skin.

Please read Healthy Permanent Weight Loss for more information on how you can lose weight
fast, and stay healthy too!

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