Find Massage Therapy Classes in San Jose at Western Career College-

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California Massage Schools: Western Career College in San Jose

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Western Career College offers massage therapy classes in San Jose that can open the door to a bright future in an
exciting career.

The campus is located on the south side of San Jose at 6201 San Ignacio Avenue with access from
Bernal Road or Santa Teresa Boulevard.

Your travel time will be minimal because access is easy when traveling the
Monterey Highway or Highway 85 and 101.

WCC’s massage therapy courses in San Jose will prepare you for employment where you enjoy the satisfying experience
of helping people feel better. Clients will seek your services to improve circulation, help their bodies heal naturally
from accident, injury or surgery, improve flexibility and sports performance, reduce blood pressure and many other
health benefits.

You’ll find WCC among the high-respected massage therapy schools in San Jose. Employers know that graduates of WCC
are dedicated, knowledgeable and highly-skilled, creating many employment opportunities for you.

Attending these massage therapy classes in San Jose can make a difference in your life. You’ll have a sense of purpose
and learn to understand your own body much better. Helpful information about the classes and training in San Jose campus are readily available. Simple ask for details!

To learn more, visit > Western Career College in San Jose,


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