Find Bakersfield & Modesto Massage Therapy Program in Northern California

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California Massage Schools: San Joaquin Valley College in Modesto & Bakersfield

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If you live in the Modesto Valley region and are interested in attending a long standing California Career College for training in massage therapy then you will want to learn about San Joaquin Valley College.

SJVC has been educating students since 1977 and the Modesto campus opened its doors in 2004.

This Modesto massage therapy school campus location is at 5380 Pirrone Road, Salida, CA 95368. This campus is also a short commute for students who live in surrounding areas of Oakdale, Manteca, Ripon, Escalon, and Turlock.

The SJVC Bakersfield Campus is located at 201 New Stine Rd., Bakersfield, CA 93309 and has been educating students since 1982.

If you are interested in learning more about attending a Nothern California massage school, the Bakersfield and Modesto Campus massage program is a refreshing choice. You will be entering one of the hottest careers of this decade. Bodywork therapies are a growing sector of the alternative health care field.

massage training in ModestoAt SJVC you can attend either day or evening massage classes depending on needs. You will not only learn through classroom lectures, you will also have opportunity to train by performing hands-on practice assisting real clients. With your bodywork training you will also learn skills for starting your own business along with the skills needed for working with your clients needs.

Bakersfield and Modesto massage training classes offer you an experience that will help you launch a stratifying career, and SJVC is eager to help you get started. Just ask for details!

To learn more visit > Find Massage Schools in Your Zip Code


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