San Diego Massage Classes a Southern California Massage School

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California Massage Schools: Kaplan College – North County Campus,
(Vista) San Diego

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Do you want to attend San Diego massage classes to earn credentials for your future career?

Whether you are just
entering the world of higher education or seeking a new and better career, you’ll want to know about Kaplan College’s
North County Campus in the San Diego area.

The campus is located at 2022 University Drive in Vista, California, in
the north suburban area of the San Diego metro area. To access the campus, exit Highway 78 at Sycamore Avenue, turning
north. Then turn east onto University Drive where you will find the modern campus less than one mile away.

This Southern California massage school will prepare you to become a confident professional in this growing field
of alternative healthcare. More and more people are seeking natural healthcare as a compliment to tradition medicine
to improve their lives and well-being. Even insurance companies and traditional Western physicians are realizing
the effectiveness of therapeutic bodywork as relieve pain, reduce blood pressure, improve circulation and many other

The California massage degree program includes student services that will help you identify career goals and options,
explore the projections for employment in the future, provide a personal campus tour, assist you in identifying financial
options as help you begin the admission process if you find that Maric College is right for you.

The next San Diego massage classes start soon. You can secure your place in the next class or obtain information
about the program; it is simply and easy to request. All you need to do is contact the school directly to learn gather all the details you will need to assess their program to determine if Kaplan is the right choice for you.

To learn more visit > Kaplan College – North County Campus, San Diego in Vista, California.


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