Los Angeles Massage School at Everest College in City of Industry

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California Massage Therapy Program at Everest
College in City of Industry

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Sorting through massage schools in California can be confusing.

Your could just be over once you learn about Everest
College’s City of Industry campus.

This fully accredited institution can prepare you to enter the field of therapeutic
massage. Their massage program teaches the skills needed to become successful in this in-demand career field.

This Los Angeles massage school provides professional instructors and small class sizes helps you receive
the attention you need to perfect your skills. You’ll can learn how to help people feel better, relieve your client’s
pain and help them recover from illness, injury or surgery. You can experience how your sense of touch and manual dexterity
skills can truly make a positive difference in the lives of your clients.

At Everest your studies will include:

Everest College Massage Program Highlights

massage training coursesOf the massage therapy schools Southern California offers, you’ll find that Everest offers a comprehensive program including
a full range of student services. You can obtain career counseling, and learn about financial aid if needed, and even job placement
assistance after graduation.

Find personal and spiritual satisfaction in a career that provides a sense of purpose while earning a lucrative

To learn all the details about your pathway to a new and exciting career, simply click the following link and enter your information. It’s that simple to contact the school and get all the details.

Click here to learn more > Everest
College in City of Industry
, California.


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