Massage Courses and Education at Everest a Well Known CA Massage School

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California Massage Education at Everest
College in Hayward

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An exciting new career can begin for you by attending a well known massage school.

Hayward, California offers
Everest College, a fully accredited institution that can help prepare you to become
successful in your career as a trained professional therapist.

Choosing the right one from the many massage therapy schools in California state can be time consuming and
confusing. You want to attend a college that provides small classes, state of the art equipment and teaches
the very latest techniques. You’ll find this at Everest. You’ll enjoy learning through hands-on
experience as well as classroom studies.

Everest Massage Therapy Classes in Hayward

The massage courses and educational training at Everest will help to prepare you to work in one
of the many exciting workplaces that need trained therapists such as hospitals, nursing homes, spas, cruise
ships, sports centers and many others.

This massage school Hayward, California offers will allow you to prepare for an exciting, satisfying career much quicker than many other programs. To learn all about class schedules, fees, student services and other details, simply contact the college and request the facts by entering your information.

Click here to learn more > Everest
College in Hayward

Career Statistics for Massage Therapists

In 2004, massage therapists held about 97,000 jobs in the U.S., and the need for trained therapists is
radiply growing.

There are over 80 different types of massage modalities offering therapists continual opportunity to
expand their practices.

Although massage therapy has been practiced for at least 2,400 years, the first true documentation in
the Western culture noting the benefits of massage was recorded by Hippocrates around the year 400 B.C.E.


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