California Massage Therapy School at North West College in West Covina

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Massage Training at North West College
in West Covina, California

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Locating the best choice from the massage schools in Southern California can be quite confusing and time consuming.
You will want to learn about North West College, 2101 W. Garvey Ave. N., West Covina, CA 91790.

be glad to learn about their extensive program that will provide you with the knowledge for massage certification
to become a successful professional in the rapidly growing field of bodywork.

During your training you will learn through nine well designed course modules:

  • Seminar for Success In Your Profession
  • Swedish Massage Theory and Practice
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Sports Massage Including Reflexology
  • Spa Services and Wellness Strategies
  • Understanding Pain and Use of Alternative Massage Methods, I.
  • Deep Tissue Massage and Alternative Massage Methods, II.

Upon graduation from this highly respected massage therapy school in California, you’ll be confident and assured
helping clients feel better. Because of the hands-on training you experienced, you’ll be able to provide therapies
and techniques safely and proficiently using your sense of touch and manual dexterity. Some of the benefits your
clients will enjoy include reduced pain, greater flexibility, improved immune system response and many others. You’ll
find employment in many workplaces that need well-trained professional therapists. You’re opportunities will include
gyms, spas, hospitals, wellness centers and many more, or you might wish to open your very own clinic.

To learn exactly how this massage school in southern California can assist you in the first steps to a happy,
satisfying life of helping others, simply request more information to receive answers to your many questions. By
clicking on the following link, and filling our the provided form you will be well on your way.

To learn more visit > North-West
College in West Covina,
California .


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