Massage Therapy Schools in Ontario, California at American Career College

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Calif Massage School: American Career College in Ontario, California

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When you are shopping for Colleges in California there are many massage therapy schools in CA to choose from.

Not only do you want to find a campus that is convenient but one which has a good track record and history of successful graduates.

The American Career College offers the Ontario Campus which is a 64,000-square-foot state of the art facility.

When touring the campus you will find it features 16 modern classrooms and computer labs, open meeting spaces, and 9 well-equipped laboratories. Since 1993 this fine institution has been educating students in the art of therapeutic bodywork. Their campus classrooms feature modern equipment and all are well-appointed. Their teaching staff is also top notch.

You will find the campus located at 3130 East Sedona Court, Ontario, CA. The campus also offers free parking. For those who commute this massage school in California is convenient if you are live in outlying areas of Chino, Corona, Moreno Valley, or Grand Terrace. You may want to consider American Career College in Ontario for your therapeutic studies.

Massage therapist training in California will offer you an opportunity to enter a growing profession that will continue to grow with the baby boomer generation. Providing you clients with therapeutic bodywork is both financially and personally satisfying. You will feel confident after you complete American Career College’s massage program to sit for the national massage board exams. And soon thereafter begin your practice, or find employment with one of the facilities needing trained and qualified professionals. It is fact that bodywork professionals in the state of California along with other locations are finding good employment opportunities and longstanding careers in this growing wellness industry.

You can quickly learn more about this California massage therapy school by filling out the school’s online request form. You will receive all the facts needed to address your many questions.

Click here, for massage training at > American Career College Inland Empire Campus in Norco, California.


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