Natural Angels Intervention in Our lives Discussed in the Book, Angel Awakenings

“Angel Awakenings” by Glennyce Eckersley and Gary

You don’t have to believe in angels to be struck by Glennyce Eckersley and Gary Quinn’s “Angel Awakenings”.

is a book to stimulate your positive thinking and to provide you with a thought for each day of the year.
Eckersley and Quinn observe that too many of us throw ourselves headlong into life without stopping to contemplate
how things could be. They encourage us to make a small ritual out our early morning timetable that will allow
five minutes to read a short passage or some inspirational quotations, affirmations and blessings. From a
long association in “working with angels” over the past decade, they both firmly believe
in the natural intervention of angels in our lives, especially at times of need.

Gary Quinn is a life coach and spiritual consultant who has already penned “May the Angels be with you”, “Living
in the spiritual zone” and various audio tapes and CDs including “Nine keys to awakening your spirit
and using the power within”. Glennyce Eckersley is a renowned author and broadcaster and has already
written “Angels to watch over us”, “An angel at my shoulder”, “Angels and miracles” and “Teen
Angel: True stories of teenage experiences with angels” under her own name.

“Angel awakenings” is their second co-production in print. Their previous book, “An angel forever” was
published in 2005. Eckersley’s extensive research into angelic interventions, near-death experiences, spiritual
symbolism and synchronicity and Quinn’s practical advice on connecting with this guiding force makes the
reading of “Angel awakenings” more than just a pleasant browse. You find yourself really trying
to get to grips with the words on the page and pushing any cynicism or disbelief as far to one side as you

The true-life stories are written simply. They do not over-dramatise and they do not dwell on detail. It is
Eckersley and Quinn’s intent that the evidence ought to speak for itself and give us all pause for thought.
They don’t want us to be struck by a lightning-bolt of realisation and they don’t want us to be bored to
tears; all they want to provide in this book is a daily dose of positive thought that we can each translate
into something for ourselves.

It is the use of day-to-day situations in the book that connects most with the reader. All of the situations
that the characters find themselves in are immediately identifiable; we’ve all been there; the frustrations,
the sadness, the loss, the panic, the hopelessness. However it is the simplicity of the angelic evidence
that strikes you the most. You find yourself saying, “Surely it’s a coincidence” and then you start
thinking more deeply about the reasons for coincidences.

The format of the book itself makes it an ideal bedside companion. It is compact and chunky with a reassuring
feel of quality about it. The layout is simple with a day per page. The idea is that you only take the reading
for each day on the dated page but it is so tempting to keep reading and to dip in at random. The instructions
for use are beautifully balanced. They are suggestions rather than directions and they make you feel curious
about trying out different ways of using the awakenings.

Although Glennyce Eckersley’s background is a religious one, you won’t find that this book is at all parochial.
There are quotations from the Koran, the Bible, Afro-American Spirituals, from renowned authors across the
ages, from the famous and even from Eugene Cernan (the last man to walk on the moon). The quotations are
sometimes explicitly about angels and at other times oblique in that they need to be reread to uncover the
relevance; but it’s there.

There must be hundreds of “Guiding Light Insights”; words written, presumably by Eckersley and Quinn,
comprising of two or three lines of wisdom. These are extremely powerful, stand-alone, thought-provoking
statements designed to shape your theme for the day. They are explanations of the mysteries of the workings
of this “other level” where angels exist and how our acts and omissions can affect the way we live
our lives.

Perhaps the most powerful words of all are contained in the daily affirmations. These simple chants focus
you on that “one thing” that will make a difference today. They focus your thoughts and your actions
so completely that you begin to question why you thought or did things any differently before.

Glennyce Eckersley and Gary Quinn make it very clear that you need no training to use “Angel Awakenings”.
You don’t need to sign up for expensive courses or workshops to get the most from the text. Its beauty is
its simplicity and the way it taps into everyone’s preconceptions of angels.