Boho Waves Could Make For Some Appealing Haircut Options

A number of big-name fashion shows from all around the world have been showcasing a variety of popular and attractive models who are showing off the latest haircut and hair coloring styles. Many of these models can be found showing off Boho waves in their hair. These waves are short and gentle waves that can be found throughout a woman’s hair and is intended for those who have hair that go down to the shoulders.

The Boho wave is a fascinating trendy woman’s haircut option that is expected to become more popular as time moves along. Hair salons should certainly take note of these waves as they are ones that many women are going to potentially be looking to sport in the coming year.

What Is the Wave?

The concept of the Boho wave is truly fascinating. This is a type of hair style that features a series of waves around the neck and shoudlers. It is an urban-inspired hair style which includes waves that flow quite well and are especially varied. It is as though there are several waves are all around the neck and shoulders. It is one of the more fascinating types of hair styles that all women can explore using today.

How Is It Made?

Hair stylists can use a series of steps in order to create Boho waves in anyone’s hair. While it takes a bit, the goal is to create a hair style that is flowing and consistent all around:

  1. Wax has to be sprayed around the end parts of the hair. This is to add a bit of texture to the hair.
  2. A curling iron can then wrap itself around the end part of the hair. This can be used with practically any kind of curling iron that one wants to use but it helps to have a smaller one just to have a little more control over it.
  3. The hair must be unwrapped from the iron after a bit.
  4. The hair can be wrapped around the barrel in an opposite direction that is away from the face.
  5. The curls must be held until the hair starts to feel hot.
  6. These steps may be used for all parts of the hair. It is best to segment the hair into five to ten spots where curls can be added in. This takes a bit but it is required to help create the dense look that the hair style is to come with.
  7. The fingers can then be used to help fluff the wave. Some extra wax may also be used but this is a completely optional thing to use.


This can all be done to create a messy wave that is consistent around all parts of the hair. It is not all that curly but it will create the waves that are needed to pull off the look.


This amazing hair style is one that could really be attractive for more women in the coming year. Boho waves can really be fascinating and exciting for you to use when looking to give anyone a style that one knows will be suitable and ready for all kinds of goals.