Our Bodies are in Chemical Overload: The Body Toxic by Nena Baker

Scientific America recently reported of a research study findings of over 200 substances that are not of biological origin in the umbilical cords of ten minority infants born in the US.

The report was released by an environmental group who commissioned the study.

The report also stated how developing fetus is so very vulnerable to chemical toxicity and environmental exposure. Partly because their organ systems are not mature enough to have developed detox methods. By studying cord blood scientists are able to grasp the reach of the exposure of toxic elements to the developing fetus.

This finding leads to the review of a very compelling book: The Body Toxic: How the Hazardous Chemistry of Everyday Things Threatens Our Health and Well-being.

Author, Nena Baker actually had her own blood tested and analyzed. The test revealed she had traces of more than three-dozen toxic chemicals. Two of those chemicals had been banned for more than 30 years.

This may be one of those books that invokes many intense discussions. It certainly illustrates why body detoxification methods are so very important along with eliminating as many toxic chemicals from your environment as you can.

Meet Award Winning Writer Nina Baker

Nena Baker Author of The Body ToxicThe Body Toxic is a sobering look at the condition of our bodies and how our life of convenience utilizing synthetic substances on a daily basis could be linked to many of our health concerns today.

Nina Baker is an award winning investigative reporter (2009 Nautilus Award for Conscious Media/Journalism) who most recently wrote as a journalist for the The Oregonian and The Arizona Republic. At The Arizona Republic she exposed world famous Nike shoes for its brutal work conditions at its shoe factories in Indonesia. She left The Arizona Republic in 2003 to pursue her career as an author. The Body Toxic is her first book.

In The Body Toxic Baker tackles the issue of our continual daily exposure to plastics, chemicals, and synthetic materials which many theorize are ultimately compromising our own quality of life and health resulting in many of the much too common “lifestyle diseases” that are plaguing the Western world.

Daily Exposure to Dangerous Chemicals Has Made Our Bodies Toxic Dumps

The Body Toxic BackCover ImageThe Body Toxic is a 277 page book loaded with references and facts about just how many toxins the everyday person is exposed to, many times being completely unaware. This book contains two decades worth of documentation and research examining dangerous chemicals like phthalates, pesticides and PFOAs.

These dangerous, health compromising chemicals are found in everyday products our families use on a regular basis. Most recently in the media is research on BPA or bisphenol which is found in most used plastics for children’s food containers, including infants’ bottles. This dangerous plastic leached into the food and drinks of the youngsters.

BPA ingested, particularly by children, has negative health consequences as it mimics estrogen in the body and leads to a host of health complications. The Bush era administration concluded that BPA’s were safe.

Since that time many state and local governments have banned this dangerous chemical from being used. Sadly the manufacturers and users of BPA continue to insist on its safety.

Discover the Chemicals Killing Our Children

In The Body Toxic, Baker brings to light similar dangerous chemicals that we are all exposed to on a daily basis the majority of the time not realizing the implications on our health and the health of our growing and developing children.

These chemicals are found abundantly in our children’s toys, cookware, household furniture, clothing, weed killers, beauty products, drinking water, and much more. Baker asserts that our bodies are becoming toxic dumps.

Baker teaches the reader the basics of why the government has turned their heads as companies pour more and more unsafe, untested dangerous chemicals into our homes, foods, and environment. The toothless U.S. Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 is examined and the critical need for this act to be changed becomes apparent immediately.

The Body Toxic Front CoverThe Body Toxic makes the reader aware of the dangerous, possibly deadly levels of toxins in their daily lives. Not only does Baker provide facts and research she also gives the reader important information to determine if he or she is exposed to a number of these commonly used chemicals and what to do if you find you are and want to change it.

This is a well written book loaded with facts as well as how Baker personally changed her own life based on what she learned. I highly recommend this book to all who are concerned about their health and their children’s not just today but down the road when numerous lifestyle diseases can become apparent.

You get the facts and important, yet simple, ways to change your daily exposure to chemicals.