Body Detox and Cleansing: Colonix Colon Cleanse Review

Measuring Tape Around Woman's Waist

Our modern lifestyles create a toxic environment.

We are exposed to polluted air, less than optimal foods, and unhealthy beverages.

Our bodies literally become polluted and daily stress affects our ability to naturally self detoxify.

This is why body cleansing detoxification, especially colon cleansing has become a necessity for many people who want to ensure their body systems and immune systems are not compromised by the toxicity that builds up in our body over time. Dr. Natura has come up with a very gentle and effective solution.

Effective and Gentle Internal Cleansing Program

While there are many colon cleanse products on the market, Dr. Natura Colonix Cleanse is a superior product that offers excellent results.

This advanced internal cleansing program gently, but effectively, cleanses the colon of toxic waste, detoxifies the liver, and restores regularity.

Colonix colon cleansing program is by far the best colon cleanse available anywhere. It works thoroughly while making you look and feel better. Many users find that they lose weight and flatten their belly.

Symptoms of a Toxic System

Measuring Tape Around Woman's WaistColonix Detoxification Kit, the all natural colon cleanse came on the market in 1998 and has been voted the best colon cleansing product in the world.

Using three components, Colonix is a healthy, powerful, and safe colon cleanse for both healthy adults and adults in poor health.

Symptoms of a toxic system, or a colon in need of detox, include:

  • fatigue
  • abdominal bloating
  • headaches
  • gas
  • lack of energy upon waking
  • constipation

Three Components to a Successful Body Cleanse

The three components of the Colonix Program are the Colonix Intestinal Cleanser, Paranil capsules, and KleraTea.

Intestinal Cleanser: This part of the colon cleanse protocol is a fiber supplement that cleanses the colon of accumulated toxic build-up, including remnants of undigested foods that can ferment and cause intestinal illness and damage.

Colonix contains soluble and insoluble fiber, as well as a proprietary herbal blend. These combined ingredients are designed to gently remove mucus, toxins and metabolic waste. Used regularly, they keep your digestive tract clean, unclogged and working optimally.

Colonix Paranil: The  specially formulated capsules contain 18 detoxifying herbs used for years by naturopaths and other health professionals.

These herbs safely and naturally purify the colon and liver.

Colinix KleriTea Herbal Tea: The special herbs that make this unique tea blend encourage regularity and detoxification.

This herbal tea works in synergy with the Colonix fiber to promote bowel movements in the morning while maintaining additional movements during the day.

It plays a crucial role in the detoxification process while having a soothing effect on the nervous system.

Colonix Colon Cleanse Okay for Long Term Use

Colonix Cleanse PackUnlike other colon cleansing products or colon cleanse home remedies, Colonix is designed for long term use.

It can be used from one to three months, then after a month break resumed, if needed.

This safe and gentle form of herbal colon cleanse offers all the benefits of other colon cleansing products, yet has no colon cleanse side effects like many harsher cleanses.

This makes Colonix the ultimate colon cleanse program available to home colon cleanse users.

My experience was very positive with this special Colon cleanse system. It is also important to mention that when visiting the Colonix website, you can read thousands of testimonials from others who have greatly benefited from colon cleansing. You’ll even see some pretty disgusting pictures of the toxic build up they eliminated from their digestive systems and colons.

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