The Third Edition of “Beyond Antibiotics” by Michael A. Schmidt, PhD

The Third Edition of “Beyond Antibiotics: Strategies for Living in a World of Emerging Infections and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria” by Michael A Schmidt was timely released in 2009 by North Atlantic Books.

This updated third edition is a must read if you would like a comprehensive education on antibiotic resistance and how we created this problem.

Throughout the book, you will also acquire knowledge on how to improve your overall health and protect yourself from various flu strains and disease.

Even though the book is bit long, this subject is very important and readers who are seeking alternatives to antibiotics and natural antibiotic options will gain an in-depth understanding on this topic.

History of Antibiotics

In Beyond Antibiotics, Michael A. Schmidt does a great job explaining why we are having such a problem with antibiotic resistance and the side effects from their continued use.

Antibiotics Creating ResistanceHe gives you the vital information you need to know through easy to understand logic.

By taking a close look at the health risks that were developed from the overuse of various classes of antibiotics, he explains step-by-step how they have lead us into a war with the possibility of a deadly outcome.

Dr. Schmidt explores the idea of how we may have, trained the enemy.

MRSA SuperBugs

He also presents logical steps and beneficial advice on how to fight back against this enemy as you learn how to increase your odds for staying healthy. The author’s insight can help people to at least keep a head of the problem for now.

In addition, Dr. Schmidt shares specifics on the factors that contributed to the creation of the current antibiotic resistant condition along with how superbugs like MRSA have become more common place.

The fact that we have made poor choices with their use, and how we have over used or misused antibiotics is something that he feels we should not ignore. He explains how our tactics helped create this alarming situation that we now find ourselves facing.

Rebuilding Our Immune Systems to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

In summary, Beyond Antibiotics, by Michael A. Schmidt explains in detail the factors that contribute to the resistance to antibiotics, which now presents challenging problems for our immune system to overcome. These factors range from poor nutrition, to the stress induced by our social habits, along with environmental toxins that also drag down our defenses against disease and illness.

Beyond Antibiotics BookcoverThis book forces the reader to look hard at the problem we now face. We are required to “look beyond antibiotics” for a new way to handle the current dilemma.

Beyond Antibiotics, is as thoughtful as it is insightful.

I appreciate Dr. Schmidt’s ability to present the facts in an analytical yet easy to follow sequence allowing the reader to build a better knowledge base as he or she progresses through the book.

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