What is the Best Method of Administration for CBD?

CBD can seem intimidating to someone who is not familiar with it, or cannabis-derived products in general. However, once you understand the basics of CBD, it becomes much simpler. One of the things that you will need to understand is the different ways of consuming it. Each method has its benefits, and if you don’t pick the right one for your needs, you might be slightly disappointed with the results. Let’s take a look at the best route of administration depending on the effects that you want to achieve.

Best Method for Anxiety

When it comes to anxiety, oil is a great choice. Putting a drop under your tongue will deliver the CBD into your bloodstream fast and will stay in your system for a long time as well. So, you will get quasi-instant and long-term relief. If you’re looking for a good option, BLISS oil by BLNCD is a great choice.

If you want something that will allow you to deal with sudden panic attacks, we also suggest that you look into vaping. It’s relatively safe, and it will provide you the fastest relief as the lungs are the fastest pathway for CBD to go into your system. Some of the CBD you ingest sublingually will have to be processed by the liver while CBD that is vaped will cross the blood-brain barrier much faster.

Best Method for Sleep

Here, again, oil is a great option. But, if you want to get a good night’s sleep, we suggest you go for edibles as well. This is the longest-lasting option and will release the CBD gradually into your bloodstream. If you take a large enough dose, you will get some throughout the night and could significantly improve your sleep quality.

Another thing you could do is mix both. You could use oil to get a faster effect, then take edibles. Or you could vape the CBD.

Edibles come in all forms, but you can also make your edibles at home. If you’re starting from flowers, you will need to learn how to decarboxylate them and how to dissolve them either in a tincture or in a carrier oil. You can then add this oil to your food or even beverages.

Best Method for Pain Relief

Here, it depends on what type of relief you want. If you want relief from acute pain after exercise, then topicals may be your best option. These will allow you to treat the issue straight at the source. Edibles and gummies could be a good option if you want long term relief. This could be people suffering from chronic pain or people who want to speed up recovery and make it more bearable after exercise.

So, if you were looking to use CBD for a specific purpose, hopefully this guide has helped you with your choice of products. Make sure to buy from reputable suppliers only, and ask for as many second opinions as you can.