Fabulous Fats! Setting the Record Straight by Mary Toscano

Wow! Once again I’m blown away by the straightforward, easy to understand way that Mary Toscano teaches the lay person about the benefits of fats in our diet in her eye opening video Fabulous Fats.

What are Fats? You learn about: the so called bad fats, saturated fats, unsaturated fats, trans fats, good fats, oils and fats, and why you need them, and much more.

In much the same approach as Sweet Fire DVD, where Mary reveals all about sugars and how they negatively impact health, Toscano leads the viewer on a journey into the complex, much unknown world of dietary fats. She uses visuals, manipulatives, and even a musician to teach all about fats and the vital roles they play in keeping or body healthy (or not).

Engaging and Enjoyable to Watch

This 65 minute DVD, Fabulous Fats, engages the viewer immediately and keeps you interested throughout.

In Toscano’s easygoing, sweet, and simple to understand educational program anyone and everyone can learn important information about all of the fats that we eat.

The program takes place in a classroom setting with students who are actually taking part in this class. Toscano takes the hard to grasp world of fats, clearly unravels it, and tells their story in a way a middle schooler could understand.

Despite the DVD’s simplicity the presentation is not boring or repetitive, but keeps the attention and motivates the viewer to make informed eating choices at your very next meal.

Fabulous Fats: Discover the Basic Facts about Fats

Fabulous Fats really offers you a clear understanding of fats. You’ll learn the basics about how many fats there actually are and the basics of each type. You learn the difference between saturated fats, mono unsaturated fats, poly unsaturated fats, fatty acids, and omega 3s and 6s. You’ll discover what fats the body needs, how much, and for what vital processes.

Fabulous Fats helps you discover what exactly the “bad” fats are—do they even really exist?

After watching quick moving, highly informative Fabulous Fats you’ll know the answer to this and any other dietary fat question you’ve ever wondered.

Worries Over What’s Too Much Fat

Eating 0 Fat is BadFor instance, do you think too many fats will slow the body down? The truth is quite different than you may think.

Did you know the brain is made of 60% fat and 60% of the heart’s energy comes from burning fatty acids?

This remarkable program helps the viewer to understand not only what fats really are but also to finally get the real story on the extreme importance they have to virtually every body function there is and why no fat diets are actually harmful.

How Fats are Essential for Life

Healthy FatsFats are vital for the brain, heart, hormones, eyes, lungs, digestion, energy, and skin.

Once you learn how important it is to have fats in your diet Toscano makes it clear exactly how to get these fats integrated into your daily diet.

She makes it a point to let the viewer finally know the truth about the coconut that has previously been the victim of a fallacy about saturated fats. Yes, it’s true; coconuts are loaded with essential nutrients that will boost your health.

You’ll finally understand the omega fat families. Fabulous Fats explains in an understandable way all about the desired ratio of omega 3s to omega 6s. Why you need them, why we aren’t getting the right proportion, and how to make it happen.

Good Fats Gone Bad

Bad FatsFabulous Fats not only informs you about the importance and benefits of fats it also provides a vital education on the type of bad fats that will wreak havoc on the body. These are the ones that have been compromised through various processing methods making them harmful for our bodies.

You’ll learn exactly what foods to avoid, what to look for and avoid on food labels, and what to select for optimal health. This information is vital to living a healthy, disease free life.

Fats that are hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated load our vital organs with free radicals and other damaging toxins which slowly (or sometimes quickly) damage and kill our bodies. You learn why.

Toscano illustrates all these fat facts with visuals and simple verbal explanations so a viewer of any age or educational level can understand exactly what she’s saying.

Another Eye Opening Work that Educates and Promotes Vibrant Living

Fabulous Fats DVD CoverThanks to Fabulous Fats and Mary Toscano’s engaging, caring teaching style I’ve learned more about fats in just 65 minutes than I have in years of reading about fats.

Toscano’s style is so easy to grasp and interesting the listener can really gain an understanding of what they need to know to make the right dietary decisions.

As I was watching this video for the second time (just in case I missed anything) two of my children were walking by the room. They both stopped as their attention was grabbed by one of Toscano’s manipulatives. Mary’s charisma and genuine warmth maintained their attention and they watched the entire program with me.

The next thing that happened was amazing. As my children went for their evening snack they came into me and said, “Mom, I checked the label and it doesn’t have any trans fats or partially hydrogenated oils.” Yes, they learned some vital facts too.

If you’ve watched and loved Sweet Fire as I did, you’ll be equally impressed with Fabulous Fats. If you haven’t seen either then be sure and watch them both.

Fabulous Fats is an essential DVD to watch for anyone who wants to know the truth about the benefits of fats and live a healthy, vital life. I highly recommend this video for everyone; the young, the old, and all in between.

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To learn more > Fabulous Fats! Setting the Record Straight by Mary Toscano