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Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide”

It is clear from her book, “101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide”, that Rebecca Mundt recognizes the latent
problems that we all have sitting in the cupboard under the sink. If our homes were businesses, we would be forced
by law to fit locks to every cupboard in the house. Toxic chemicals are everywhere and we simply don’t need them

Mundt is a powerful voice in promoting this most natural of products. She is also the voice of caution. Hydrogen
peroxide is so powerful it can launch a space shuttle and she underlines that respect and proper precaution is
necessary when using it in strong concentrations as you learn about hydrogen peroxide uses.

You may think, as I did, that the title is a bit of a give-away. Surely with a headline like “101 Household
Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide” there really is no need to read the rest of the book. Obviously you just use hydrogen
peroxide where you used to use bleach, surface cleaners, carpet shampoo, mold treatments and bathroom cleansers.
But wait! It’s not that simple. Each application requires attention to the concentration of hydrogen peroxide and
to procedure to be used.

A useful color code is used by Mundt throughout the book. This alerts you to the precautions that you must take
to eliminate yet another pesky stain, mold or odor from your house. She covers the science stuff just in case you
need to know and there are plentiful hints, tips and tricks, and stern warnings.

You get the impression that Mundt has done her homework. Each piece of advice gives directions in clearly understandable
language that even a housekeeping virgin like me can follow. Dealing in measures like teaspoons or milk containers
makes the whole process much easier than the directions you would find on the average carpet cleaner bottle.

Mundt is impatient with impatience. We have all become used to the instant fix and this usually means we have to
resort to more and more toxic chemicals to achieve our aims. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen
and leaves no residual toxins hanging around in your home. At useable concentrations it may not clear a stain on
first application but Mundt convinces us that tenacity pays off.

Reading this eBook will sincerely change your opinion about picking up yet another miracle cleaner from the supermarket.
Rebecca Mundt has produced the ultimate cleaning products advice in “101 household uses for Hydrogen peroxide.”

Review by Mike Kay

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