Coffee Re-imagined: Bean and Body Emerge as Global Leaders

Beverage World Magazine recently unveiled its 2010 beverage awards, and topping the list of Best Functional Beverage was Bean and Body’s Coffee Energy: Bean of Renewal.

This gold winning beverage is described as “coffee re-imagined for health conscious consumers.”

But Bean and Body is more than just a beverage company: they’re about promoting health and consciousness, environmental sustainability, and social programs.

Bean and Body: The Company

The idea behind Bean and Body is truly what led the company to have a gold winning beverage. The company took note in the common present day focus on fission, or the division of things in order to create energy. This idea did not seem sustainable for the company for the long run, so Bean and Body decided to focus on fusion, or the union of different elements in order to create energy.

The elements they unite? Coffee and health. There are other ingredients to their success, awareness, sustainability, and nourishment to name a few, but what started it all was the desire to marry the coffee drinker with the healthy consciousness brought about by the power of choice and awareness of longevity and wellness.

Taking the Lead in Social Responsibility

Bean and Body is both socially progressive and environmentally progressive. With a goal to build relationships with companies that share similar beliefs in a sustainable future and ecosystem and biodiversity preservation, Bean and Body has carved a special niche for itself in the beverage world.

Bean and Body set out to create both a healthy coffee and “coffee with a cause.” Proceeds of the sales of the organic, ready-to-drink coffee beverages go towards The Bean and Body Protected Grounds Initiative. This initiative was created to help “buy, protect and preserve the most threatened areas of the world’s rainforests” with the goal of contributing to the healthy existence of people, wildlife, and the planet.

The Bean and Body Protected Grounds Initiative works in collaboration with The World Land Trust US, whose mission is to protect rainforests, wetlands, coasts, and other regions rich with biodiversity.

The Bean and Body beverage line is Rainforest Alliance Certified, guaranteeing that the drinks are produced according to strict guidelines and conditions that promote the ecological, economic, and social preservation.

The Bean and Body Lifestyle

Bean and Body was developed not only to be a brand of drink, but a lifestyle complete with the nourishment of body and mind and disease prevention. The use of antioxidants in their beverages is based on the notion that antioxidants help the body protect itself from damage done by free radicals.

Bean and Body’s beverage line is designed to bring the health benefits of coffee to the forefront. This company strives to prevent diseases and to nourish mind and body by focusing on scientific research that advocates for the use of coffee beans, fresh herbs, and superfruits.

The Beverages

Bean and Body produces four unique beverages:

  1. The Coffee Anti-Ox: Bean of Immortality is an organic coffee blend with added antioxidants of pomegranate, acai berries, and blueberries.
  2. The Coffee Energy: Bean of Renewal includes guarana and yerba mate, and was designed to boost both physical and mental energy.
  3. Bean and Body’s Coffee MarTEAni: Bean of Sophistication targets the tea lover. This drink features a blend of organic coffee, green tea, and spices.
  4. The fourth beverage is Coffee Rescue: Bean of Recovery. Also an organic coffee blend, this drink is designed to rejuvenate and restore physical and mental alertness.

Health Benefits of Bean and Body Beverages

Bean and Body beverages are all natural. The drinks are brewed in small batches with hand-blended infusions of superfruits, herbs, and spices. Each blend is complete with antioxidant properties, which is supported by research concluding these antioxidants increase immune functions and decrease the risk and occurrence of chronic diseases.

To ensure the antioxidant qualities of the beverages are present and accurate, Bean and Body tests the drinks with Brunswick Labs, a well-known facility in antioxidant testing.


Americans drink approximately 350 million cups of coffee each day. It’s obvious this beverage is a well-loved and popular choice for millions of people. The creators of Bean and Body love their coffee too, and have found a way to unite their cup of joe with their passion for health and environmental consciousness. And based upon their recent gold medal win for Best Functional Beverage of 2010, it seems to be proving a strong union.