Sets, Linens, and Benefits of Baby Bassinetts for Newborns

A Safe, Comfortable Baby Bassinet for Your New Bundle of Joy

Baby bassinetts are an important part of the furnishings of your new child’s living space.

While it may be tempting to put the new baby in bed with you, this is not safe even if you are just taking
a nap.

Each year, babies are smothered accidentally by parents who think they will lie down with their new child
for a short while and roll over onto the baby. Don’t let this happen to you little bundle of joy. Instead,
provide a safe, comfortable baby bassinet that is the right place for your child to sleep.

You may be lucky enough to have a choice of heirloom bassinets in your family that have been saved, perhaps
from your own childhood. While these can be a great solution, you must ensure that the bassinet is safe for
your child. The paint used on some bassinets from years ago contains lead and this can prove deadly to your
little one. Check for any parts that are loose and could be ingested as well.

A bassinet will be your baby’s very first bed. The small space allows the child to feel especially safe and
cozy and prevents a child building the fear of being left alone in a large space such as a full-sized crib.
Also, a crib’s bar spacing can be large enough for a tiny baby to become trapped and injured – or worse.

You can have lots of fun selecting the right bassinet sets for your baby. Bumper pads, comforters, sheets,
pillows and mobiles to attach to the hood are available in whimsical designs and bright colors. While placing
pillows inside the bassinet is great for decoration purposes, when the baby is placed inside to sleep, no
pillow should remain in the bassinet because this can allow the child to smother. In fact, only a sheet on
the bassinet mattress and a well-tucked in covering should be in the crib with the baby when placed inside
for sleep. Stuffed toys and other objects should be removed because they pose safety hazards for your beloved
little angel.

Bassinet linens should be soft and pliable, never scratchy, to avoid irritation to your baby’s sensitive skin.
They should be washed in a detergent specifically designed for babies or for sensitive skin to prevent the
possibility of rashes developing.

Choosing a baby bassinet is a big responsibility but it can also be a joyful, fun experience. Keep an eye
for any safety hazards and purchase a sturdy, quality product. After your baby outgrows the bassinet, you
might save it as an heirloom bassinet to pass on to your child’s children in the future.

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