Basic Reflexology Home Study Course

Want to Practice the Ancient Healing Art of Reflexology?

Discover Basic Reflexology Home Study Course.

If you’ve ever been interested in learning more about the human body and all natural, drug free ways to relieve pain and heal you may be interested in reflexology.

Based on the theory that the body is full of energy or “vital energy” that is essential for all good health and healing, reflexology utilizes pressure points on the body to heal.

There are more than 800 pressure points on the body but most are located in the feet and hands. These sensitive points are the key spots to unlock and release energy thus advancing circulation through the body.

Reflexology goes beyond learning foot massage, or how to do hand massages and teaches you how to target therapeutic touch to enhance wellness. When learning reflexology you learn gain and understanding of specific techniques that help the body return to a more balanced state.

Benefits of Releasing Blocked Energy

When there is a blockage in vital energy and circulation the body can experience aches and pains which even lead to diseases in and around important body organs.

With simple pressure applied through using just the fingers (tools are available to use as well) the circulation returns and improves. Once this energy flows again aches and pains are immediately relieved and the person experiences deep healing benefits.

In reflexology the feet have pressure spots that relate to each of the body organs. If there are two organs, such as the eyes, there is one spot on each foot for each eye; right eye, right foot, etc.

If there is just one organ such as the heart, that organ’s pressure point is located on just one foot. In the case of the heart it’s the left foot and the spot is called “the heart organ.”

In addition reflexology believes the past is on the left foot and the present and future on the right foot.

Reflexology Course: Exactly What You’ll Receive

With this at home reflexology course you’ll receive 13 modules teaching you everything you need to understand to get started in the use of reflexology. This course will give you the knowledge to treat yourself and loved ones using this ancient art of healing.

The modules can be mailed to you all at once on a CD with tests in PDF format or you can choose to have it emailed to you in three parts. Once you complete one section the next will be emailed. Once you make the purchase someone from the school will contact you for your preferred method.

The modules cover topics such as basic reflexology to stress, energy zones, and treatment processes. In addition you are required to log twenty hours of practice as well as document reflexology case studies. Once you complete the course you’ll receive a diploma as well as be eligible for membership to AHHA.

Affordable Entry Level Basics

This course was designed by professionals in the Holistic Health Care Field to teach the novice the basics about reflexology so they can begin to practice on themselves or family and friends.

The total cost for this at home reflexology course is under $500 and payable by PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Echeck.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee with a few stipulations (you must pay for any modules you receive.)

If you want more detailed and intensive reflexology courses they offer an advanced course in reflexology as well.