Ionic Cleanse Detox Testimonials Shared by a Health and Wellness Clinic Practitioner

Powerful Benefits of an Ion Cleanse

Detox Wellness Clinics are gaining in popularity througout the Western hemisphere and one in Ottowa offers Ionic Foot Baths.

Eastern medicine has embraced the concepts for centuries. The following article provides testimonials of the benefits of the Ionic Cleanse methods found in some of today’s progressive spas and clinics.

Client Testimonials of the Ionic Cleanse

By Valerie Thornburg

I had a Mother come into our Detox Clinic in Canada with three of her children, approximately 19, 21, and 23 years of age. All of the children’s hands were shaking. The mother wanted her water from the detox analyzed. I contacted a practitioner who had a very fancy radionics machine and asked him to analyze the water without giving him guidelines on what to test for or nor did I put any limits on his analysis. I received the reports back with the results. The very last item he tested for was wood smoke. Why he choose to test for this, I do not know. He had no background history of the clients.

To help you better understand the story, the parents of these 3 boys had purchased a business when their kids were very small. They “delivered oil” to homes in the area. They could not afford a sitter, so the kids played at the workplace – running barefoot most of the time in the garage/office building.

When they arrived, the three boy’s hands were shaking. They could not hold out their hands without them shaking. This suggested since the three of them shared the same symptoms they had been exposed to similar elements.

After the Ionic Cleanse, I noticed their water was quite smelly and very dark (like oil). When the results came back for one of the boys it detailed wood smoke in their analysis. I asked the mother if she had any ideas why the one boy would have wood smoke in his analysis and not the other two. She explained to me that he worked in a bakery where they used a wood stove to cook the bread. Voila!

I had another client referred to me by a doctor because she was quite ill and every time she went to work she got headaches, stomach upsets, until she could no longer set foot inside the building where she worked. We did an Ionic detox cleanse and within 15 minutes the whole place began to smell of formaldehyde. It was later discovered that the owners of the company she worked for had purchased the building where they worked about a year and a half previous to her visit with me. Many of the workers were also getting ill. The owners did research and found that the building had been insulated with formaldehyde. Voila!

Another client scheduled an appointment and when she arrived she had eyes that looked lifeless. Her skin was so gray. No energy and no sense of smell. She looked a wreck. We put started detox foot bath and within fifteen minutes the clinic started to smell…the odor was awful. I had to open all the windows even though it was December in Ottawa, and also the door. I actually thought I was going to be ill. I then proceeded to ask her what she thought the smell might be, and she commented that she didn’t smell anything. This concerned me, so I suggested we do a follow up treatment in two days.

When she returned her skin color had changed and it was not so gray. Her eyes had some life to them. I asked her what had happened. She shared with me, “You’ll never guess what happened to me when I got home! my sense of smell had returned by the time I drove into my garage. When I opened the door to my home to go inside I smelt that smell.”

I asked her what it was and she said at the time she did no know so she called her brother and after describing the smell he suggested that she call the gas company to check things out. Which she did. They immediately came and and after walking inside they asked her to go outside. They went down to her basement where they found her furnace and shut it off. Apparently there was a gas leak, which had progressed and got larger over the months. She told me that the gas people felt she was really lucky when they said, “Lady we don’t know how you didn’t blow up!” Voila!

Here is another story you will appreciate. I have another client who brings her dog in for treatments because he gets uric acid problems and allergy symptoms including a dry coat. She took the dog to the vet and nothing they tried seemed to help so she thought she would try our wellness and detox clinic. Something clicked about giving the dog, Sailor an Ion Cleanse. We set up a special time to give her dog a foot bath. Next we spoke she shared his coat was better than it had ever been. His urine was normal again – no crystals. Now, she brings him in about every three months for detox and the results are the proof – or the proof is in the pudding (or the sludge!?)

To summarize, there is so much evidence that detoxing with an Ionic Cleanse provides results. I can share story after story, because I’ve seen results over and over. I am sending you another article offering all the technical stuff, however to me the most important thing is the results.

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Valerie Thornburg is an Ionization Therapist. She is the clinic manager at the Ottawa Wellness and Detox Clinic. With a background as an Holistic Alternative practitioner in Systemic Interactive Medicine and Cosmetology she offer her clients the opportunity to explore various types of health and wellness solutions.