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resources to help you understand the causes of bad breath, and helpful information to assist you in making sure
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The author of the featured articles is Dr. Harold Katz from Therabreath, the creator of excellent dental care
and breath products that are on the cutting edge of today’s research. So many so called “natural toothcare products”
contain questionable ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Saccharin. SLS which is a very inexpensive
foaming ingredient is linked to canker sores and health problems.

We previously used dental care products which contained an ingredient
known as “active” Chlorine
Dioxide which was once the most optimal ingredient in dental care products. Now Therabreath has surpassed this
older ingredient and uses a superior ingredient called Sodium Chloride, which is actually a chemical used in high
quality water purification systems. This active ingredient is Stabilized and generates Oxidizing Power as soon
as it enters your mouth.

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Bad Breath – The Truth: This
is an overview that explains common misconceptions that many people have about the topic of bad

Post Nasal Drip and Excess
Mucus Makes Your Breath Worse!
: Research proves that anaerobic bacteria which causes bad breath
uses the proteins that are found in post nasal drip for a food source! You can learn how to prevent the excess
mucus that forms in back of your throat.

Breath Mints That Do
What Their Supposed To Do
: Most breath mints that you find on your grocer’s shelf are loaded with sugar and
only mask bad breath for a short time. Learn about ZOX Breath Fresheners endorsed
by California Breath Clinics for preventing bad breath and taste.

Another Breath Spray? Isn’t
Rinsing and Brushing Enough? The last thing that people want to hear is that they need another breath spray
to help prevent bad breath, however learn some very good reasons why the right breath spray is perfect for preventing
bad breath…

Dry Mouth or Sour or Bitter Taste?:
Taste disorders are also related to Bad Breath and are due to the sulfur produced by anaerobic bacteria…

How To Stop Those Nasty White
Globs Called Tonsil Stones:
Over 85,000,000 people in the US alone experience tonsil stones, but dentists have
been misdiagnosing them for years. Do you have them?

Vitamins Can Help Freshen Breath: Did you know that all those vitamins and supplements in pill form are barely dissolved or absorbed by your…

Halitosis Horror Stories – You’re
Not Alone:
Learn horrible stories, and what people do to get rid of the problem…

How Can I Test My Own Breath At
It is impossible to smell your own breath by cupping your hand up to your nose and smelling…

The Effect of Various Foods on Your
Bacteria that creates the sulfur compounds of bad breath…

Medications and Bad Breath: Many people are unaware that the medications that they’ve been taking for years have actually…

Post Nasal Drip, Your Throat, and
Your Tonsils:
The bacteria which cause bad breath and sour/bitter/metallic tastes are anaerobic sulfur-producing…

Zinc in TheraBreath PLUS Mouthwash: The addition of Zinc to TheraBreath PLUS Mouthwash prevents sour and bitter tastes….

Why Tongue Scraping Alone is
Not Enough!:
You can scrape all day and never get to the “home” of the bacteria. Researchers have
told us that…

Does Your Mouthwash Contain Alcohol?:
In order to stop bad breath, you must stop the production of the Volatile Sulfur Compounds…

Could Your Current Toothpaste
be Giving You Canker Sores?
: Canker sores, also known as “mouth ulcers” plague the lives of millions
of people all over the world…

How to Stop Morning Breath
in 45 Seconds Per Day
: Morning Breath is something that plagues almost all of us – but now you can prevent
it by….

Capsules and Mints Don’t Work!:
Altoids and other products of that type contain high concentrations of sugar. Sugar feeds the bacteria…

Peroxide Whitening is Bad For You: All current “bleaching” products, whether purchased in a store or used by your dentist, utilize various…

Can Bleeding Gums Kill You?:
Recent research in Europe and the U.S. have proven a link between an increase in oral …

The HydroFloss: The HydroFloss
reduces Tartar and Bacterial Buildup 64% Better than the…

See & Hear Dr. Katz: Dr. Katz
has appeared on countless TV and radio programs, as well as in articles in various magazines and newspapers…

Oral Products for Dogs: Periodontal
Disease is the #1 disease in dogs and bad breath is one sign…

Are You Rinsing Your Mouth with
: Most commercial mouthwashes on the market are very acidic, but research has proven that this same acidity
causes enamel loss and sensitive teeth….

All Product Details: This article
is an overview of the ingredients in several of our most popular products.

Some Common Signs That You May Have
Bad Breath:
A white coating on your tongue, thick saliva, constantly clearing your throat, constant sour, or
metallic taste…

Holistic Health FAQs: Why is Sugar the Culprit?: Cavities are basically caused by plaque, which is caused by bacteria.
The bacteria that causes plaque feeds on sugar. It’s like fuel or food for it. So brush those teeth immediately
after eating sugar-containing substances!

What Causes Dry mouth?: Typically, dry mouth is caused by one of the following: prescription
medications (usually prescribed for high blood pressure or depression) antihistamines, and adult beverages, with
alcohol in them.

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