Bach Flower Essences Kit Information on the 38 Remedies and Guide Use

Bach Flower Remedies – Healing Essences of Nature

Is stress ruling your life and leaving you tired with a negative attitude?

Bring yourself back into balance with the positive essence of Bach Flower Remedies.

An English doctor, Edward Bach (1886-1936), became interested in homeopathic remedies after having been a head surgeon, a bacteriologist, and a pathologist. He’d seen many soldiers return home with physical and emotional problems brought on by what they’d endured. Faster recoveries occurred in patients who acknowledged the relationship between their own emotions and their health.

He believed emotions should be balanced. A pessimistic negative outlook could make a person miserable emotionally and even physically sick. If the body received positive stimulation, he felt it could help heal itself. Therefore, your physical state is related to your state of mind.

Aromatherapy Bach remedies are not aroma therapy at all. They don’t smell and aren’t essential oils. Blooms are placed in water for a few hours where they impart their essence to the water on a sunny day. The essence is then preserved with brandy. Some of the woody plants or late bloomers are prepared with boiling water and then preserved with brandy. More Bach flower essence information can be found by visiting the World Wide Essence Society and the Bach Center.

You can purchase a Complete Set of 38 Flower Essences, or create your own Back Flower Essences Kits for specific purposes. For instance, Bach flower essence wild rose, which has the positive qualities of joy, love of life, and vitality, would be great for someone who has been sick and maybe depressed for a long time.

Bach flower mineral essences are remedies combined with mineral water. Take for example: Red chestnut Bach flower, it’s helpful for people who are natural “worry warts.” These folks worry about everyone around them. The red chestnut helps calm them down giving everyone else a break from their worrying.

Bach felt there were 7 major emotional or personality type profiles needing adjustment. Some people feel lonely all the time, or are overly influenced by others and their ideas, also some are despondent, or have little interest in their circumstances, yet others can be overly fearful, and certain people are uncertain of everything, and there are those who care way too much about others.

He also wanted to balance 38 negative states of mind. Our minds and feelings have an impact on our physical health positively or negatively. Being balanced and positive, he felt would change a person’s mental outlook and make them feel better and live better.

Dr. Bach recognized some people may need more than one essence to find balance. He combined five flower remedies for deep emotional stress and trauma called Rescue Remedy, which can be taken by anyone. To begin your own journey to a more balanced and healthy life, examine your feelings and personality type and then apply the corresponding flower remedy.

Simple Guide to the 38 Bach Flower Remedies

  1. Emotional State of Terror – Rock
  2. Fear of the Unknown – Mimulus
  3. Fear of Mental Incapability – Cherry
  4. Fear and Worry of the Unknown – Aspen
  5. Concern and Fear for Others – Red
  6. Feeling Aloof or Proud – Water
  7. Being Impatient – Impatiens
  8. Self-Absorption – Heather
  9. Dreamy and Disconnection From Present – Clematis
  10. Living in the Past – Honeysuckle
  11. Apathy and Resignation – Wild
  12. Lack of Vitality and Energy – Olive
  13. Mental Incongruency – White
  14. Gloom and Doom – Mustard
  15. Repeating Past Mistakes – Chestnut
  16. Lacking of Confidence – Larch
  17. Feelings of Guilt – Pine
  18. Overwhelmed by Responsibility – Elm
  19. Mental Anguish – Sweet
  20. Shock Recovery – Star
    of Bethlehem
  21. Resentment –
  22. Energy to Continue When Feeling of Exhaustion – Oak
  23. Self-Hatred and Lack of Cleanliness – Crab
  24. Need for External Validation – Cerato
  25. Indecisiveness – Scleranthus
  26. Despondent with Feelings of Discouragement – Gentian
  27. Feelings of Despair and Hopelessness – Gorse
  28. Energy for Beginnings – Hornbeam
  29. Life Path Uncertainty – Wild
  30. Acting Brave when Mental tormented – Agrimony
  31. Subservience and Lack of Will – Centaury
  32. Wanting Protection from Change and External Influences – Walnut
  33. Feelings of Hate, Jealousy and Envy – Holly
  34. Possessiveness – Chicory
  35. Over-Enthusiastic – Vervain
  36. Inflexible with Domineering Tendencies – Vine
  37. Intolerant Attitude – Beech
  38. Self Denial and Repressiveness – Rock

Powerful and Subtle Rescue Remedy

Bach Rescue Remedy is used by countless people in times of emotional upheaval. Celebrities use it to combat stage
fright, and models use it to put themselves more at ease on the catwalk or in front of the camera.

Whatever your day has in store, Bach Rescue Remedy can help you through its ups and downs. It is so popular because
it is appropriate in so many everyday situations and it can be taken by anyone.

Rescue Remedy is a unique combination of five Bach Flower Remedies: Rock Rose – for terror, Impatiens – for impatience,
Clematis – for dreaminess; lack of interest in the present, Star of Bethlehem – for the after-effects of shock, Cherry
Plum – for fear of the mind giving way. This remedy also comes as Bach
Rescue Cream which is another alternative application.