Bach Flower Remedies for Animals by Gregory Vlamis and Helen Graham

Book Cover Bach Flower Remedies for Animals

Gregory Vlamis and Helen Graham’s Bach Flower Remedies for Animals from Findhorn Press solved the problem of lack of information regarding the use of Bach Flower Remedies on our animal companions.

Many humans have used these remedies based on flower essences for decades with great success, but there has been little or no information about how to apply the same effective remedies to help their pets who are experiencing pain and emotional or spiritual problems.

For instance, if you wanted to work with Bach remedies for dogs who are dealing with abandonment problems where would you turn? Or cats who seem timid and overly shy—Vlamis and Graham’s book may be just the answer.

Using Natural Remedies for Pet Ailments

Our beloved dogs, cats, parrots, and other of God’s creatures who live in our homes or barns suffer from pain from health issues which are often the same or similar to those of humans.

Dogs with hip dysphasia experience pain and the associated depression of chronic pain. Animals can suffer from stiff joints, grief from loss of a mate or beloved friend, and so many other emotional and health concerns for which Bach Flower Remedies are well know to help resolve.

Yet, without a definitive resource explaining how to apply the flower essence techniques to the smaller creatures that do not have the exact same physiology as humans, it would be impossible to properly apply the modality of flower essence to animals.

Vlamis and Graham solve this problem with Bach Flower Remedies for Animals.

From Beginner to Expert

Book Cover Bach Flower Remedies for AnimalsBecause the text is clearly written and easy to understand, anyone with even a minimal knowledge of Bach remedies will comprehend the applications recommended for pets.

Those who are above novice level will immediately find the exact essences to apply to specific problems.

Clearly, anyone with an interest in Bach Flower Remedies who also shares their lives and homes with animals of any kind should own this comprehensive book by Gregory Vlamis and Helen Graham.

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals can increase the quality of life for your pet or companion animal quickly, safely, and using completely natural methods.