Baby Shower Ideas and Gifts, Homemade Choices

Ideas for the Perfect Baby Shower – Hiring a Planner and Shopping
for Baby Shower Gifts

Humorist and writer Frank Clarke correctly stated, “A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows

True, but the mother-to-be cannot be left far behind. She too needs to feel pampered and loved and giving a shower
for the baby and mother is the apt celebration.

Sometimes the mother will register at a particular store offering a wide range of gifts–from expensive to inexpensive.
Attendees can opt to combine their money and offer one of the expensive items. Many newborn items are very practical
and much needed, they also fall into the category of inexpensive baby shower gifts for those who have to budget
their money. And for creative people it is always a pleasure to receive an item filled with heart, such as
homemade baby shower gifts.

The gifts that are homemade might include knitted receiving blankets, colorful mobiles, and curtains for the baby’s
room. When creating baby care products be aware of the baby’s delicate skin, and only use non toxic ingredients.
Also, avoid gifting toys with sharp edges or rough materials.

This is also a great time to get the baby’s clothing together. A baby shower basket filled with
the initial clothing requirements of the little one is another ideal baby gift idea. A special, soft receiving blanket,
a pair of mittens and a cute little baby bonnet make perfect gifts. These, too can be handmade.

Other ideas include cradle toys or even the cradle itself, small hanging toys of vibrant colors and the basket could
be additionally decorated with special baby-styled luggage tags.

Sometimes it is hard to come up with baby shower
ideas. Different gifts and party ideas are available for the planner through web sites that specialize
in baby shower planning. They offer great ideas for games and party favors. Also, if you are a mom who doesn’t want
to ask a friend to put on the shower, consider hiring a professional party
manager. They ensure that all the arrangements are properly executed. The celebration could be
at your home, or another place you might choose. It is also a fun idea to include a theme. For example, if the
baby was going to be a boy, the theme might be boating, or the ocean. With a girl it might be horses and unicorns.
Themes can add fun to the decorations, snacks, and games.

Baby shower gifts can also be purchased with the mother-to-be in mind. Bath toys, photo frames, baby candy lollipops
are common examples of inexpensive baby shower gifts. These make the mother feel special and pampered.
It makes the celebration more fun when the gifts are purchased in accordance with the theme of the party.

Showers for the baby are organized either before or after the birth. People sometimes have more than one event because
of the sheer joy and bliss of basking in all the good wishes and gifts!