Ayurvedic Remedies and Vedic Philosophy

Ayurvedic Philosophy and Herbal Products

There are several aspects to Ayurveda that are quite unique.

Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine from India that provides guidance regarding food and lifestyle so
that healthy people can stay healthy and those with health challenges can improve their health.

Its recommendations will often be different for each person depending on which ever of the Ayurvedic body
types you are categorized as. This determines which foods and what lifestyle you should follow in order to
be completely healthy. There are several different Ayurvedic types and each has specific qualities that determine
best treatments.

Everything in Ayurveda is validated by observation, inquiry, direct examination and knowledge derived from
the ancient texts. It understands that there are energetic forces that influence nature and human beings.
These forces are called the Tridoshas. Ayurveda sees a strong connection between the mind and the body.

Beneficial Ayurveda Herbal Products and Personal Care

Ashwagandha Root (Withania somnifera)
is also known as Indian ginseng. Ashwagandha is useful for coughs, infertility, impotence and more.

Frankincense Oil has the ability
to calm and center the mind and to cease mental chatter, agitation, and worry. It will encourage our
spirits to soar. It is a perfect aid in meditation and transcendent awareness. Frankincense’s nature

(Frankincense) Extract
is well known Ayurvedic Remedy associated
with supporting joint health and mobility. Nature’s Way Standardized Boswellin extract has been formulated

Chandrika natural Ayurvedic soap is free from animal fat and its daily use

Bitter Melon
is one of the few agents which has the potential
to bolster a flagging pancreas. It has been recommended by the Department of Health of the Philippines
as one of the best herbal medicines for it’s ability to help with liver problems, Diabetes and HIV.

(Gymnema Sylvestre) is standardized to 75%
gymnemic acids. Gymnema is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine and is referred to as “destroyer of
sugar” because chewing the leaves blocks the taste of sweetness.

Neem Leaves is traditionally used as a purifier and cleanser. It has undergone many clinical studies
in India and provides a long list of benefits in the Ayurvedic tradition. Neem possesses similar benefits

Shilajit, according to Ayurveda is commonly recommended as a general tonic and for a wide range of ailments,
painful bleeding, anemia, and excess fat. Shilajit helps an aged person to feel young by regaining strength
and vitality.

is Nature’s master hormone regulator for men and women
and has been used for centuries to treat a wide variety of health problems including loss of libido (sex
drive), impotence, infertility, edema, liver, kidney and heart problems, PMS, menopause, and more. Tribulus
is a safe, non-hormonal food supplement prepared from the herb, Tribulus terrestris.