Ayurveda Treatment Guide: The Four Necessitates of Ayurvedic Treatments

Whenever you undergo Ayurveda treatment, you need to be aware of a few qualities of the Ayurveda physician that justifies and authenticates the physician-patient relationship.

This awareness is highly supportive in gaining the confidence and trust that is extremely imperative for recovering from your disease.

I have experienced this a number of times in my own clinical exposure: with those patients who established absolute faith in both the holistic treatment and the practitioner, healing was astoundingly rapid.

The Four Necessitates for Ayurveda Treatment

The ancient treatment science of Ayurveda has established itself on four foundations that are advantageous for the treatment of a patient. These have been mentioned as Chatushpada, or the four feet of Ayurveda treatment.

Ayurveda is primarily a holistic treatment discipline which rests upon this base of four distinct necessitates, each with its own qualities. These necessitates are: the Ayurveda physician, the herbo-mineral drug, the medical attendant, and the patient.

Qualities of The Ayurveda Physician

There are several qualities of the vaidya, or the Ayurveda physician. First and foremost, the physician who is dealing with your disease needs to be intelligent and wise. This means that the Ayurveda physician is well-versed and skilled in his intrinsic field.

The vaidya, or Ayurveda physician, has attained proper medical knowledge of Ayurveda text from his guru, or the teacher. The physician has extensive practical experience. This means that the physician has had excellent experience on treatment and cure of various diseases.

Moreover, the Ayurveda physician owns a clean physical and mental character.

Properties of Ayurveda Medicine

Medicine, or the herbo-mineral drug, holds an equally important position in Ayurveda treatment. As the ancient science of Ayurveda is holistic and redeems a natural perspective, the medicinal preparation is bound to be materializing from nature.

Ayurveda medicine is prepared in a multiple of ways. A single herb or natural ingredient may be taken in form of powder, tablets, chutney, syrup, fermented potion, decoction, etc.

Ayurveda medicine is multi-functional in treating a variety of diseases. This owes to the fact that a single herb or Ayurveda medicinal formulation encompasses several natural properties. Ayurveda medicine used for treatment is actually complete with natural potency the attributes to the taste, after-taste, innate properties, and effectiveness.

When being targeted on a particular disease in the patient, Ayurveda medicine has a sustained outcome.

Characteristics of Ayurveda Medical Attendant

A medical attendant finds his worth in Ayurveda treatment as one who is the precise caretaker and reliever for the patient being treated.

In Ayurveda treatment, the attendant or caretaker has to be affectionate and reliable, especially for the patient he looks after. He has to be hygienically clean and pure-hearted. Ayurveda emphasizes that the medical attendant be skilled enough to handle his work with efficiency. Knowledge of nursing is prerequisite for the Ayurveda medical attendant.

Traits of the Patient Undergoing Ayurveda Treatment

GingkoThe patient is the fourth foot in Ayurveda treatment. First off, the patient should be affluent enough to be able to manage his medical bills.

Furthermore, he should follow the instructions of the Ayurveda physician, per se. The patient needs to be able to express himself and communicate with the physician, as well as be tolerant.

Important Foundations in Ayurveda

Of all the four necessities of Ayurveda treatment, qualities of the Ayurveda physician are regarded as incredibly vital in the treatment and curing of the disease.

Dr. Sonica Krishan is an Ayurveda and Natural Lifestyle Consultant, freelance health writer, and book author based in Chandigarh, India. She has authored the natural home cure books Herbal Healers and Home Remedies, and is presently writing for national and international publications. She may be contacted at drsonica@herboveda.co.in or visit www.herboveda.co.in