Ayurveda – Successful treatment of every disease

What we do not know about the millennial Eastern medicine.


Ayurveda is a medicine that during its thousand-year evolution has found ways to cure each disease. It successfully copes with the “modern” diseases of the present day, caused, for example, by the stress – depression, headache, cardiovascular problems, stomach diseases, diabetes, obesity, and etc. Also, for Ayurveda, the accepted in the Western medicine ‘chronic diseases’, do not exist – Ayurveda restores the health completely.



As a medical practice, Ayurveda originated in India many thousands of years ago and as a complete, comprehensive health science, it has been practised for over 5 millennia already. This is obvious by the preserved treatises from the antiquity which cover a huge practical experience and are like encyclopedias, regulations to apply in practice, textbooks. Amazing for the western type of person is, that the Ayurvedic specialists performed, for example, eye operations, in the antiquity, transplantation of organs; they identified the Seven skin layers, they left formulaе for combining of 50 000 medical herbs according to the different diseases. In addition to this, they set apart 8 medical branches, which later were adopted in the allopathic medicine as well – internal and paediatric diseases, surgery, psychiatry, toxicology, ear-nose-throat diseases (ENT) combined with eye diseases (or ophthalmology) as well, as they are related to the head, reproduction, geriatrics.

So, Ayurveda established itself as a traditional treatment in the Eastern world which, until today, has been applied unchanged. It is in the base of both the Tibetan health practices and the Chinese traditional medicine. 80 % of the Indians, as well as the Nepalese, and the population of Sri Lanka apply the Ayurveda treatment. In modern India, Ayurveda is a state politics with a network of colleges, universities, institutes, medical centers, clinics and etc., and graduate doctors, and therapeutists receive a state license.

The essential in Ayurveda is that it perceives the man as a model of the Space and nature. He exists and develops according to their laws. The activity, needs, and capabilities of the body are in line with the natural processes and cycles – Day/Night, the stages of the day and night, seasons. Going out of these rhythms leads to disruption of the body functions and diseases.


What is the Ayurveda treatment


Ayurveda starts with the diagnosis of the specific diseases, and through them, it detects the overall disorders in the body, corrects them and restores the health completely. It is particularly important that the treatment should be carried out by licensed Indian doctors and therapeutists, as in Ayurveda Clinic Bansko for example, to ensure authentic classical treatment, without counterfeits.



The treatment is carried out by restoring the energy balance in the body. A man has three energies set by birth – Dosha, through which the functions and processes in the body are carried out. These Dosha have shared tasks. Vata energy is responsible for all types of movements in the body – the blood, the respiration, the pulse, the transmission of the nerve impulses, the blinking and etc. Through Pitta, the transformations are carried out – from the food digestion to its transformation into nutrients for the cells, respectively the tissues and the organs. Kapha is related to the hydration, bones, the immunity, the growth. Going out of balance of a Dosha leads to disorders in certain organs and systems, and usually causes imbalances in the other two energies as well. The proper diagnostics is complex – each disease symptom is related to certain energy imbalances. Therefore, it must be done in the specialized health-service establishments, like, let’s say Ayurveda Clinic Sofia, in order to make an overall assessment of the combination of symptoms. Based on that is the treatment course – diet, therapies with herbs and oils, massages, yoga practices to reduce or increase the relevant energies. Ayurveda Massages are very effective for activation of the blocked energy centres. The treatment involves detox because the energy imbalance is always accompanied by accumulated toxins. These toxins not only poison the organs, but they also block the energy channels. The purification is external – by the Purvakarma method, which is a preparatory stage, and internal – Panchakarma, by laxatives and purgatives.