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My passion and purpose on this planet is to share tools to enrich and enable people to experience a full life of peak performance and joy. Most recently this is with 'Mind Chi' an 8 minute routine to rewire your brain to manage the strain of stress and 'Colour me Resilient' - 8 bespoke strategies, based on your temperament, to become a Resilient Warrior!

Feeling overwhelmed? Here’s how to cope!

Feeling overwhelmed is a state of mind. Yes, it may well be that there is a lot going on; however, for one person that may be energising and another overwhelming. For one person just a few tasks may ‘feel’ overwhelming while another merrily juggles many. One day the same person can feel …

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Become a resilient warrior!

What are the factors that make life seem to ‘work’ for you? And even more importantly, how can you make those factors come together as often as possible? On the other side of the coin, what aspects make you feel overwhelmed, always tired, de-motivated and depressed? The obvious goal is to …

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