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Libby Seery - a Psychotherapist, Counsellor, and Therapeutic Life Coach - is a highly trained specialist with a wealth of experience, working with people from all walks of life. Her practice practice in Harley Street (London) is recognised the world over as a centre of medical excellence. She is also and Online Counselling and Psychotherapy Specialist in the Therapeutic Use of Technology (BACP Endorsed). As the Founder of Renaissance Life Therapies Training Academy, she teaches a number of courses such as CBT and life coaching, as well as training other professionals in specialist areas of counselling. She has had a number of works published and has appeared on TV and radio.

5 reasons why you are awesome

We live in an amazing, astounding and miraculous universe. There are things going on that our imaginations can barely grasp, but it’s hard to be permanently filled with a sense of wonder, when the bills are due and you still have to file that report for the weekend. Yes, it’s easy …

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Why Did I Become a Therapist?

For most people their own problems provide more than enough drama without the need to take on the issues of others. Even if you offered to pay them, they’d probably just politely say “no thank you” and move along. So why did I become a therapist? Why do I spend my …

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Using CBT: My Journey with A Fearful Patient

Everyone on earth has been afraid at some point in their lives. Little fears, like being stung by a bee that just flew in the window. Big fears, such as developing cancer or having a heart attack. Fear and anxiety are a normal part of being human. For the most …

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The importance of education for children

Education is one of those buzzwords that people like to use to sound socially progressive. They’ll often say that if the government spent more money on education all the problems of the economy would be solved. We are always hearing how more science and technology graduates will help us compete …

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