Astrology Art Makes Great Cards

Astrology Art

It’s all in the stars, they say.

Our astrological influences give us wonderful insight into our choices to incarnate into this chosen lifetime.

By paying attention to the energies of our particular coordinates at an astral level, we can understand more about
the challenges we face, as well as the gifts we possess and can develop to the greater good of all.

Aries Symbol is the Ram

Aries Symbol

Strong and capable, this sign can tackle most any challenge and succeed. They love to win, so look out if you are
planning on competing with them.

Aries Ram is also a bit stubborn, so if you like control or power the Aries will certainly hold their own.

If you are an Aries, practice being a team player, this will help you gain strengths in areas that will be beneficial
for you throughout your life.

Gemini Symbol is the Twins

Gemini Symbol

With two view and two temperaments the Gemini is quite versatile and communicative.

Gemini Twins have a charm, friendliness, and wit and are able to discuss most any subject.

If you are a Gemini, practice completion. There may be a few things left undone and by completing them you may find
a burst of energy will ignite a new creator endeavor now that you finished that lingering task.

These are just two examples of Astrology Art Cards. Astrology can be very insightful in many areas of life. Here
is a great resource for readings and reports of all types, and they also offer a free astrology report, too.