Spiritual Art Therapy Using Chakra Color Charts

Astrology Medicine Art for Balance, Integration and Healing

Explore your own sense of spirituality and energy by painting.

You might call this a form of art therapy, or meditative art, whatever you wish to call it, the journey is very

Painting after meditating is a wonderful way to let the Spirit flow and can result in gifts that will bless others.
The images below are an example of paintings that were a result of a sacred travel.


These paintings were the result of meditation on the “chakra flush symbol” received during an energy
connection with the Stones of Mu, in Wales.

The symbol came as I meditated and connected with a certain ceremony which was taking place there at the time. I
was told that the meaning of the symbol was “energy from a focused point, going out in all directions at once” and
that it represented a kind of “Spider Medicine” to cleanse and clear the auric field.



I painted the symbols on Stone People from our Medicine Creek where I lived at the time and offered them in sets,
one stone for each of the seven major physical chakra centers.

I no longer make the Medicine Stone sets but if the idea resonates with you, I’d encourage you to explore making
your own sets as guided by Spirit.

There is more info on this Stone Painting Process.


Hopefully these samples will provide some inspiration for you to create your own stone paintings.

Or perhaps to experience the joy of freely creating with paints without concern that your art should look like anything
other than the experience of intending color and expression.

These images have been optimized to speed up load time. Original art more vivid and detailed. Hopefully, you can
see the chakra flush symbol in the middle of each one.


There are many wonderful books to assist on inspirational and channeled art. The main thing is to keep your mind
from judging that your art has to look like anything in particular. The process is what is the real joy, and if you
find you created a masterpiece, well that is certainly an added joy.

See what you can come up with. You can get out a chakra chart, and meditate on the various chakra colors, and see
what color you are most drawn to, then get out crayons, oil crayons, water colors, finger paints, or whatever you
have handy, and play. It is so fun to do this with a five or six people, where you just get together and create channeled art. Really fun and very healing and relaxing.