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Hello, Dear Leia. Is there anything out there that can cure asthma naturally? I am 27 and have had asthma for 9 years. I suffer with chest infections every month, so I am on antibiotics and steroids every month and would like to try something different.

Dr. Leia’s Answer

Many people are afflicted with asthma, which is a chronic disease that affects the lungs and being able to breathe properly. People with asthma have weak lungs, and are prone to inflammation, infection and constriction of the air tubules, and acute attacks where it is difficult to breathe.

Sometimes allergies may trigger an asthmatic attack or in your case, a chest and lung infection. So it may be important to check to see if you have any inhalant or even food allergies. Common inhalant allergies include cat or dog dander or epithelium, springtime plant and weed blossoms, dust and mite debris, smoke from forest fires, and second-hand cigarette, pipe or cigar smoke.

Dairy ProductsCommon foods which could also pose as allergens and trigger an asthmatic attack include: corn, dairy products including cheese, ice cream, milk, cottage cheese, and even yogurt, soy products, wheat, and gluten products. So notice the times when you have gotten an infection, and see if there are any triggers which may be responsible for the infections. Granted, it could also be a virus or bacterial infection, colds, or flus which could also be a trigger, but it could also be any of the above mentioned inhalant or food allergens, and it is well worth getting tested for allergies.

I can understand your desire to find alternative ways to prevent or treat your symptoms, so you might want to consider visiting an Acupuncturist to see what she/he can offer you. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have been proven extremely effective for lung problems such as asthma, bronchitis, and even pneumonia. It may require that you have weekly acupuncture sessions in the beginning to address your lung weakness and to get the chi flowing properly and balancing your energy. Then, as your lungs and constitution become stronger, you will only need once per monthly treatments or tune-up sessions. Acupuncture involves small sterile needles which are placed strategically in acupuncture points along a channel of energy in different parts of the body. Usually it is nearly painless.

Qigong ExercisesAnother important component of asthma is the emotional component. Make sure that you keep the stress level in your life down, and keep your emotions from running away with themselves, such as undue worry, grief, anger, sadness, and depression. Find enjoyable activities and activities which will calm you and keep you happy and serene. Avoid extreme emotions. Excellent activities for calming the emotions include yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques, tai chi, and chi gong (qigong) exercises. All of these activities help to keep the body, mind, and emotions in balance and harmony.

Good luck with your search for alternative choices for your asthma. You might also like to visit your naturopathic or homeopathic practitioner who will give you harmless, all , to prevent your problems. Remember the adage: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”