Julia Cameron Books – Trilogy of The Artist’s Way, Walking in the Water, Finding Water

Great Gifts for Writers, Julia Cameron’s Trilology of Books
Began with The Artist’s Way

To us, the Creative Spirit within a performer, singer, writer, painter, dancer or other artist will not let
them rest until they create.

An idea comes, or even the hint of an idea, and we are off into the nether regions of the imagination. It’s
a lovely place to work and the world is very blessed by art and artistry of so many different kinds, but
it is also challenging to be an artist. This is why you will want to learn about Julia Cameron’s books, for
they will benefit anyone seeking to unleash their Creative Spirit.

What about the relationship between Art and Health? We truly believe that art heals. It is a healing modality
whether the art illuminates our fears and pain or the depth of love, success and empathy. We are much better
and more capable people when we find channels to express ourselves, and art in all its forms can help us
know ourselves better.

In addition to healing, art therapists often work with physicians, mental health professionals, hospitals
and psychiatric clinics, utilizing art therapy. We owe a lot to educators and psychiatrists for the emergence
of art therapy as a distinct profession. Psychiatrists began to utilize art therapy early in the 20th century
while educators began to document the impact of creative expression on the development of the child, emotionally
and cognitively.

There have been so many times in my life that art has uplifted a heart, momentarily made the world seem peaceful,
or brought connection between people feeling alone. Creativity can make you laugh out loud, or weep because
of the emotional chord it strikes in your soul.

Whatever your dreams may be they are so important. Not only are they vital to a person’s sense of themselves
and the meaning of life but they are important for the power they have to touch others. For this reason you
will find Julia Cameron books a goldmine for awakening your creative path.

Gifts for Writers and Artists – Julia Cameron Books

Julia Cameron, teacher, author, and aspiring theater lyricist, has completed a trilogy of books addressing
the path of the artistic journey. These books have already allowed so many people experience growth.

The Artist’s Way begins the trilogy, followed by Walking in the Water and finally Finding Water: The Art of
Perseverance. The first of the trilogy delves into basic tools used by artists of all kinds to get their
creativity flowing as well as insight into the author’s personal creative struggles. As a 12-week course
in regaining touch with one’s artistic work, The Artist’s Way, seeks to explain the symbiotic relationship
evident between art and spirituality. The concept of ‘getting out of the way of creativity’ and allowing
the spirit to speak through the art makes this instructive book, complete with exercise for increasing optimism,
balance, perspective and discipline, as well as other emotions, has proven to be a great help to struggling
artists of all genres.

Creative writing ideas for weathering those periods when inspiration appears to have abandoned the artist
are a large portion of Walking in the World.

Now, the final book in the trilogy, again presented in a 12-week program format, looks into important issues
every artist faces such as tough decisions about starting a new project, keeping on track when a new approach
does not immediately come to fruition, maintaining focus when life distracts the artist from their art form,
and looking for inspiration in unusual and often unlikely places. Cameron provides a truly powerful text
which will help readers discover or rediscover inspiration.

This work is a great choice if you are looking for gifts for artists and writers. Every artist, no matter
the media of their art, will relate to and benefit from this entire trilogy. No matter the occasion, if you
wish to give a wonderful gift that will be treasured for years to come, this set of books is perfect.

Julia Cameron has written other works, including How to Avoid Making Art, Floor Sample, and Translations,
each of which has a wonderful message for the creative person, whether creativity is a hobby or profession.
Of all her works, the trilogy beginning with The Artists Way is perhaps the most profound and insightful.