Article Submission Guidelines

The quarterly magazine is now also available to millions of mobile and tablet readers. Relevant articles of exceptional quality, written by qualified professionals will be considered for inclusion. 


Thank you for your interest in contributing content to our online Health Magazine. Write for us: this is your opportunity to influence positively. Please read all of the information underneath before submitting your article. The more regular and high quality articles you submit, the better your chance of appearing in our quarterly magazine.

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  1. We accept articles only from the original author, who is qualified in their field
  2. We do not publish syndicated articles. All submitted articles must be 100% unique and published only on this web site.
  3. By submitting content, you acknowledge that you own the copyright, are legally authorized to assign the work for publication, and give permission to publish.
  4. Once published, articles cannot be removed from this web site or our magazines.
  5. We believe that Google and other major search engines devalue “duplicate content.” This is why we require exclusive  publishing rights to include your articles on this web site.
  6. Inclusion on either the website or our premium health magazine is at the sole discretion of our editors.
  7. The end of your article can include a short one or two sentence biography. This CANNOT LINK  to commercial websites of any sort. We highly discourage SEO link builders from trying to exploit this.

Criterion for Inclusion:

  1. We’re looking for well-written articles, including content structure, punctuation, and grammar.
  2. Content needs to serve our visitors, not primarily the author. Articles need to provide helpful content, not be sales copy for the author’s services and/or products.
  3. We publish a wide array of content on this site, so please browse our articles in order to become familiar with our focus.
  4. Tone and style should be casual and professional.
  5. Article length needs to be between 700 to 2,000 words – please check this before you submit the article.
  6. Profanity, racism, sexism, off-color humor, negative comments regarding any group, and similar objectionable content will not be published. We’re interested in publishing positive, uplifting articles that help people in practical ways.

If an article you submit isn’t published by us, please continue to send additional articles. We welcome all of your submissions.

To submit your article or ask us questions, please contact us.